Happy 34th Birthday Ryan!

On this 12nd November 2014 our Ryan turns 34 years old.

I do wish him love.
I do wish him health.
I do wish him success in what is important for him.
I do wish him happiness.
I do wish him all the best in life.

And I want to thank him for I've found some really incredible persons.

I won't ever met him in this life but I want him to know that he fills my life everyday with his smile, his sad sweet eyes, his happiness, his movies, his music.

I don't care if you all think I'm a stupid woman. Maybe you're right but the love I feel for him is so pure and deep that it can't be wrong.

So, Happy 34th Birthday my dear Ryan.

Stay Gos


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  1. Anonimo1:36 PM

    oh, you are not stupid, I can understand your Feelings for him... I mean he is very extraordinary, there are no or rarely other men like him.beautiful outside and even more beautiful inside. Ale,you have a good taste ;) I hope you will meet him someday, you totally deserve it for all the effort and Passion you invested ( best fan page ever)!
    I know ryan don`t use social Networks and never Googles himself ( good!) and won`t reading this but nevertheless I`m writing to him:
    Dear ryan, please never change, stay goofy ;) I and I`m sure you think you aren`t but yes in my eyes you are perfect,yeah it may sound a bit weird to you because you never met me and don`t even know my name xD. Because of your incredible acting skills I`m a movie junkie . I can identify with your childhood and knowing this makes me feeling strong. Thank you and happy birthday,stay healthy and happy!
    a fan from good ol Germany (visit us some day, please. ;) )

  2. Thanks. I'm doing all the best for keeping you update and I'm very proud of my "job", even more when I read your positive comment about it.
    And thank for wishing Ryan the best.

  3. Anonimo3:30 PM

    Nobody could think that you are a srupod woman because it's not the thruth, you are a fantastic person! I think Ryan will agree with me if someday he would visit this awesome blog♥
    Happy birthday Ryan and please visit thi blog!! ;) too much love for Gosling from Rome