The Nice Guys: Yaya Alafia joins Ryan & Russell

Good evening,
it seems "The Nice Guys" has a new actress in the team.

A picture has appeared on Instagram, posted by Yaya Alafia herself.

I think we don't need any  confirmation, what do you think?

At the moment her role is still unknown but I think we will have more news soon.

For those who don't know her, she will portrayed Whitney Houston in a biopic set for the release in 2015.

Indiewire has also reported the "news" and adds more infos:
Alafia posted the following set picture with the caption "Keeping busy. Giving thanks and praise" which includes her very own chair, joined by those of Ryan Gosling and Russell Crowe, who star in the Los Angeles-set film during the 1970's. 

In "The Nice Guys", Gosling plays a detective who is hired by a gangster (Crowe) to search for a missing girl. Conflict arises when Gosling's character begins unraveling a dangerous conspiracy. Matt Bomer and Magaret Qually also star. The latter will play the female lead role, the daughter of a corrupt chief of justice..
The shooting has started last week in Atlanta (Georgia) and it will be over on 19 December; today Ryan, Russell and Kim Basinger were spotted on set, shooting different scenes.

On the gallery you can see the Behind the Scenes photos.

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