Back in 1978 with The Nice Guys

Hey Gosadd
so, in 13 days from today the shooting for the movie is starting in Atlanta, Georgia (but the story is set in Los Angeles in 1978). Are you excited?

Me, I am!!! Besides I'm really curious about the look of the guys. We've already seen Ryan dressed like in the 70s, do you remember him? No??? Really??
You have to go and watch again then All Good Things to see his look or just look at the pic here below:
See more stills from AGT on the Gallery

But as usual I'm talking too much and about other stuff!!!!
So, let's go back to the topic of the post... The Nice Guys!

So, in few days the shooting will start and I wonder about Ryan & Co look. Will they wear mustache? Surely longer hair, infact Ryan's hair in Cannes was not that short.. Maybe he will cut off his lovely stubble.. We need to be patient!

Yesterday,  on the Official Tammy Smith Casting Facebook Page has appeared this note:

For the upcoming film "The Nice Guys" starring Russell Crowe and Ryan Gosling, here are some examples of MEN's HAIR LENGTHs that will be ideal for booking on the movie (longer, shaggier lengths). We have a few really cool scenes on the movie that are multiple day calls, among many others. One is an amazing party scene that is supposed to be similar to a playboy mansion party, and the other is a dressy opening night at an auto-show, and ALL of the movie takes place in 1978!!! Both of those scenes are 5 -12 days filming and they take place at night.

So... guys, start letting your hair grow and get those porn staches going to increase your odds of getting booked! We will book shorter and longer hair as needed, as well, for a few scenes, but we really need some of these shaggier lengths for a lot of the scenes

- Tammy Smith

PS- filming begins on Oct. 23 thru Dec 19 in Atlanta- keep an eye out for postings to submit!

PPS- if you share and tag this post to spread the word, you will be appreciated more than you know! thank you!!!

I do remind you you can still apply for being an Extra in the movie:
 - Visit Project Casting 
 - Visit Tammy Smith Casting Official

Stay Gos


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