Ryan Gosling: a Superhero or Houdini? No, please!

Hello GosAdd,
today I woke up on a "sad" rumor for me.

The Hollywood Reporter reports Ryan is in talk to be a Superhero in some WB production... Here below some extracts from the article you can read entirely on the site

In recent weeks, the 33-year-old actor has met with Marvel Studios to discuss starring in the title role in Doctor Strange, and he is fielding an offer to topline Summit’s adaptation of The Secret Life of Houdini: The Making of America's First Superhero. Sources also say he is being courted to star in Suicide Squad, David Ayer's take on the DC Comics supervillain team at Warner Bros.

Houdini, with Dean Parisot attached to direct, was to have starred Johnny Depp but the actor will be sailing with a new installment of Pirates of the Caribbean for almost half of 2015. Summit ideally would like to get going before that.

Ayer's Suicide Squad is still in early development and the script is being worked on. But that is not stopping the filmmaker and the studio from making overtures for what is to be an A-list ensemble piece filled with colorful anti-heroes. Sources say that Will Smith, Margot Robbie and Tom Hardy also are fielding offers. Warners had no comment.

Now, there is no guarantee that Gosling will spark to any of these projects. The actor has been perfectly content making more modest movies such as The Place Beyond the Pines or focusing his attention on directing. Even when he does a studio movie it’s not the usual fare, instead opting for projects such as Crazy, Stupid, Love and Gangster Squad — both for Warner Bros. — for which the chances of sequels are small. Even now, he is in pre-production on The Nice Guys, a 1970s noir co-written and being directed by Shane Black, and sources say he and co-star Russell Crowe took pay cuts from their usual fees.

Source:  The Hollywood Reporter
Many names have been attached to Doctor  Strange after Joaquin Phoenix left the project: Ethan Hawke, Keanu Reeves and also Ewan McGregor.  Personally I hate Superheroes movies, I'm not at all into comics so I have no idea of who Doctor Strange is but Wikipedia helps a lot.

As for Suicide Squad... Oh My Gos!! The name says it all!!!! With Will Smith, Margot Robbie and Tom Hardy.. I know Hardy is having a lot of success recently (I know him only for being in the beautiful Bronson, he is not one my fave actors) and also Robbie has  turned famous after playing with DiCaprio in The Wolf of Wall Street (and we will see her again in many other big productions such as Untamed with Alexander Skarsgard next year and I can tell you I will watch the movie just because the Tall One is in! He is a great actor).  And when I think about Will Smith I think about a beautiful movie that is The Pursuit of Happyness but also about I am legend and The Fresh Prince!!  
So another project I'm not happy about!

The 3rd.... The life of Houdini.. Oh my my!!! Another movie about the Famous Magician.. How many movies there are about his life???? Surely too much. But this one should not have a sequel, hopefully!

So in my simple mind.... I know Ryan - sooner or later - must give his face (let's say the face) for a big movie (really big this time, not like that pearl that was Crazy Stupid Love or the flop that was Gangster Squad) but at least I hope it would be not for a Superhero.

Ryan doens't deserve those shi**y movies. 
Excuse me for the word but I hate those big productions, I'm one of the few fans who didn't appreciate that much The Notebook and I didn't like at all Gangster Squad. Ryan is perfect for playing in movies like Blue Valentine or Drive.
He is too talented for playing Dr Strange!!!!! He is the most talented actor out there actually. 
I've never been interested in movies or actors before him. But now I am but I also know Hollywood rules and I hate them all! 

So, I trust totally Ryan and I'm sure he will decide for the best (that is the lesser evil). 
And don't forget that at the moment is just RUMORS. And I hope it will remain this way.
He refused to play Batman in Batman vs Superman because of the sequels (and surely it's not the only reason)

So,  Ryan, please don't change your mind now.

Stay Gos



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  1. Anonimo1:33 PM

    totally agree with you! he is too good for Hollywood movies! I`ve never seen superhero movies in my whole life because it`s not real and too "american Propaganda". I prefer him playing in a indie movie...I just hope he makes a right decision! I want to trust him...but I`m too afraid...

    1. yes, he is too much for these movies. I know he will take the right decision but we are aware that sometimes he needs to do the "wrong" movie. I just hope not a superhero.

  2. Anonimo6:16 AM

    The Houdini role doesn't sound bad, especially if Johnny Depp was attached to it before. I suspect, this might be the one he goes after if the rumors are true.

    1. Yes that role is the better of the 3. Besides Ryan loves magic and magicians. And this movie surely doesnt require a sequel. To me - if true - it's the more probable project

  3. Forget about being too good for blockbuster franchisees, but Ryan would look ridiculous playing a role of a superhero. I remember when he auditioned for Tron and almost had a panic attack over it. I don't know if he's having a midlife crisis now that he's a father (a joke) or someone's influencing him to take such roles, but for the sake of sanity I pray he doesn't do either of the movies. I admire him for his director driven roles and films that aren't infused with a-list faces but good cast.

    1. I do agree with you Sonia. And I hate the idea of him dressing like a fool for making such stuoids movies because this is what I think about those genre. I will support him always but... I won't support the movie. But... How do you know he was in panick for Tron?

  4. "How do you know he was in panick for Tron?" I didn't mean Ryan was in panic for Tron. I meant to say that I almost had a panic attack over it because I didn't want him to be in the movie because it was a silly movie. Superhero and Disney movies are my biggest no-no with Ryan haha

    1. Ohhhh now I see!!! I've misread the message :-) I wasn't fan of him at that time. But yes I would have been in panic too... Those movies are not Ryan's kind.