Ryan Gosling on The Nice Guys set. Look at his look!

Hello Gosadd,
so as I've said you in the last weeks, on 23 October 2014 the shooting for the movie has started.

The first pics has appeared yesterday, 24 October.
Ryan looks beautiful as usual (let me say it, please, without thinking I'm a superficial girl). And he wears a mustache and sideburns as usual in the 70s. Because, don't forget the movie is set in 1978 in Los Angeles,  even though the outdoor scenes are taken in Atlanta, Georgia.

We have just a bunch of photos taken and here I'm posting just 2 of them. For seeing all the 8 pics just click on the pics:

 The Nice Guys - On set with Ryan - Visit the Behind The Scenes Gallery

More pics will arrive in the next weeks and you can see them all on the gallery HERE .
Let me tell you: I won't post other pics from the set here on the blog; they will be uploaded in the Gallery. Just bookmark it.

After seeing Ryan, what do you think?
At first, when I saw him I've said: oh my! He looks a lot like the adult Dean!

Sure you could tell me: don't be a fool Ale!! He is Dean! Both Dean and Holland are played by Ryan!
Ok, that's true but the facial hair is really like what Dean wore in Blue Valentine!

I've the got the proof:

Long sideburns and same mustache, different from the kind he wore in Lars and the Real Girl.

Ok ok, I'm leaving for good….(joking! Just for the week-end)

Stay Gos


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