Nicolas WR and Ryan Gosling together again soon?

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Nicolas Winding Refn and his wife Liv Corfixen are in the US promoting her new documentary "My life directed by Nicolas Winding Refn", shot in 2012 while in Bangkok during the making of Only God Forgives.

They are attending festivals and releasing interviews. Here I'm reporting an extract of the Indiewire one where Nicolas talks about Ryan and a reunion to happen very very soon...

Are you and Gosling still buds?
[Refn makes a fist and gestures to his heart]

So many of the projects you guys had lined up fell through, though, like "Logan's Run."
Refn: "Logan's Run" is a big commitment. You can't just do that overnight. But we'll do a movie together very, very soon.

What did you think of his movie?  
Refn: I thought it was great. I think it was a very personal experience. And it was a very creative way to do something.

Did you mentor him at all on it?  
Refn: He's been in the industry longer than I have, so what was I going to say?

The documentary had his premiere in Denmark on 17 July and soon it will be released in the US as VOD [Video on Demand].

In the interview Liv says the documentary has been sold in many Countries so we just need to wait and see.

The Ost was scored by Cliff Martinez plus a song by Julian Winding (Nic's nephew), yet available on ITunes and Amazon Usa.

Here on the side the official trailer.

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  1. Anonimo1:40 PM

    REALLY!?!that would be soooo cool :) *finger crossed*

    1. This is what Nic said :-) They always said they would have liked to work together again :-)