Ryan Gosling: The Enigma

My GosAdd,
We're in that time of the year when every magazines or movie sites make their own chart.

The first one is Vulture and its Most Valuable Stars of 2014. Once again Ryan is in the chart and this below is his rank.
He may have fathered a baby with Eva Mendes this year (which accounts for his highest-possible tabloid score), but it’s apropos that Ryan Gosling should be ranked this low on the list right alongside his former flame, Rachel McAdams. Both stars will always boast built-in awareness levels thanks to the everlasting power of The Notebook, but neither is ruling Hollywood like they truly could. After a string of indies, Gosling took too much time off to direct the inscrutable Lost River; he’ll return to the studio fold with Shane Black’s The Nice Guys but he could really use a high-profile pop right now.

Source: Vulture
Last year Ryan was higher in the chart:

But who cares about these charts? Personally, I don't and not because they say bad thing about Ryan. I have my own opinion and my own taste and to me Ryan is always at #1.

Stay Gos


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