My Life directed by Nicolas Winding Refn soon on dvd?

Good morning GosAdd,
I don't know how many of you has heard about this documentary. Well, just in case you haven't already...

This is a documentary directed by Liv Corfixen - Nicolas Winding Refn's wife - and shot during the making of Only God Forgives, so in the first months of 2012 in Bangkok (Thailand).

So, in the documetnary we find not only Nicolas but also our Ryan.

The movie was premiered in Denmark on 17 July and in the USA on 20 September during the Fantastic Fest and an official trailer was released for the Danish screening:

At the moment there are no further release date but one for Sweden (8 November for the Stockholm Film Festival).

But... Yes, there is also a but. As I weekly google this or that movie, this morning a news has appeared.. Or maybe it's just a fake one who knows?! PreOrder on Zavvi

Anyway, after reading on Facebook that the movie will be soon released  in the US as VOD (Video on demand) this morning I've found out that on Zavvi (a Uk site for dvd and cds) the dvd should available starting from 17 november 2014. If you're interested, click on the photo here on the side for pre-ordering your copy.. .

At the moment the dvd is not yet available on Amazon but as I will buy if only from this site.

Let's wait.

Stay Gos


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