A new OST for Drive... What do you think?

Hey GosAdd,
are you wondering why a Drive Banner???

Released in 2011, Drive has soon become a Cult movie so every once in a while something new appears online.

Today I'm talking about the Soundtrack... The rescored Soundtrack...... Yes, rescored! Do you yet feel the shivers down your spine as I do???

The "news" has appeared on my newsfeed yesterday and I was like Oh my oh my!!

Ryan Gosling can thank the soundtrack to 2011's Drive, which featured music by Cliff Martinez, Chromatics, Kavinsky, College and Electric Youth, and more, for making him look so cool. Now, a group of bands have taken on the daunting task of replicating the effect. BBC Radio 1's Zane Lowe has enlisted Chvrches, Foals, SBTRKT, Jon Hopkins, Laura Mvula, the 1975, Baauer, BANKS, Bastille, Bring Me The Horizon, Eric Prydz, the Neighbourhood, and ZCC (aka Simon Neil of Biffy Clyro) in making a brand new soundtrack for Drive. The project is titled Radio 1 Rescores: Drive - Curated by Zane Lowe. All of the tracks but one are brand new, made specifically for this project.

The film will be broadcast on BBC Three on October 30. Viewers will be able to switch between the new and original soundtracks.

In a press release, Lowe called the project "the most ambitious, awesome thing we’ve ever done." Nicolas Winding Refn, who directed Drive, also expressed his support.

Source: Pitchfork

Ok, I was in shock while reading but as I've found out few months ago an alternative "Nighcall" version that was really amazing I was positive.... I was!!!!

At the moment we can listen to "Get Away" by Chvrches

And this is not the end... yes, because a new trailer has been released too

But it's so unfair to post just the "new stuff" and ignores the oldest right?

So, here you can listen to the original Soundtrack scored by Cliff Martinez:

And this is one of the official clip released

Now tell me: what do you think of the rescoring of this masterpiece???

To me Drive is SIMPLY PERFECT this way, with the soundtrack by Cliff Martinez. They can do this new score, but... Drive is what it is also for the sound!

Have you ever watched an old movie?? Then the movie is restored and they decide the voices are not good enough and they dub the original voices with others.. How do you feel then? That's how I feel about Drive new ost.

Anyway, this Soundtrack won't replace the original. No no. It's just an experiment, like Zane himself tweets


Stay Gos


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