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Hi Gosadd,
I'm back from my holiday (as you've surely noticed by my previous post).

In the last months we had barely few news regarding our Ryan.
Honestly, the only big news is Lost River will be released in US theaters... All the others stuff are more than curiosities and this is why I'm posting this in the Did You Know That Section.

So, the last one is Bennett Miller considered Ryan Gosling for the lead in his "Foxcatcher",
a project that took 8 years to be realized. In the end he gave the role to Mark Ruffalo.

But through the years many movies had been offered to Ryan.
Sometimes he refused the role, as it happened for Prisoners: he was offered to be Detective Loki, then played by Jake Gyllenhall.
Or he just passed by as for Logan's  Run, remake of the old movie played by Michael York in the 70s. And Nicolas was attached as director. Ryan quit the project in October 2012 and few months laters also Nicolas gave up. In October 2013 he officially said "it's dead as dead can be".
Some movie sites declared it was the love of  the "bromance" (a word that Nicolas  hates deeply), but this is still another supposition. Ryan and Nic were together in Cannes this year and they looked as usual (see the pic here).

Once he got fired the day before the shooting as for  The Lovely Bones by Peter Jackson.

Or just the project of the movie changed many directors and producers. This is for instance the case of Dallas Buyers Club. The first script was written back in 1996 and at the first the main role (Ron Woodroof) was offered to Woody Harrelson, then in 2002 to Brad Pitt and in 2008 to Ryan Gosling with Craig Gillespie as director (surely after the beautiful Lars and the Real Girl). But again the movie was stopped for financial issues. In the end the movie was directed by Jean Marc Vallée and the main role has been given to Matthew McConaughey.

Surely there will be many more movies and I will update this post as soon as I found out.

Stay Gos


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