Ryan Gosling's best gig ever?

Hello my GosAdd,
how are you doing?

So we have a new "curiosity" for the blog.
Steve Carell (who played Cal Weaver in Crazy Stupid Love), in Toronto for his new movie "Foxcather", gave an interview to Krista Smith for Vanity Fair.com and he talked a little about Ryan.

But what did he say about the Gos? Here below you can watch the interview (at minute 1:35 for Ryan's best gig):

In the interview Steve said that he was about to tell a story Ryan would never have told.
They were shooting Crazy Stupid Love and they were talking about their weekend plans and Ryan said he would have been with his band in Glendale for a gig. Steve asked him where, what theatre and Ryan answered that No, it wasn't a theatre but a nursing home.
Now, let's think about this.
Crazy Stupid Love had been shot between Spring/Summer of 2010 (we have pictures taken from the set in April and in July - see them on the Gallery).
We don't know which weekend Steve is referring too but we do know Dead Man's Bones played in a nursing home in Summer 2010: The Chancelor Palace that is not in Glendale but in Pasadena.

The video had been uploaded on YouTube in August 2010 by Antirecords (Dead Man's Bones' Label) So, these are the options:
 - Steve's memory is not that good and maybe Ryan told him Pasadena and not Glendale;
 - Ryan said for real Glendale but maybe he was wrong;
 - The original nursing home was in Glendale but then they've changed their plans;
 - The gig took place in Glendale and the video above had been shot in another weekend in Pasadena.

You know.. Glendale is just 15 minutes away from Pasadena (see map)...


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