The Nice Guys gets a date: 17 June 2016.


Hey Gosadd,
it has just been announced that Warner Bros has set the release date (for the US) for The Nice Guys.
17 June 2016.

This is what reports:

Warner Bros has staked out a June 17, 2016 release date for The Nice Guys, the Shane Black-directed detective thriller starring Russell Crowe and Ryan Gosling that reunites Black with his Kiss Kiss Bang Bang and Lethal Weapon producer Joel Silver. The studio picked up the project in July beating out other suitors and now plans to start production this fall.

This is the plot of the movie as reported on IMDb site:
A private eye investigates the apparent suicide of a fading porn star in 1970s Los Angeles and uncovers a conspiracy.

Ryan is Holland March (the private eye) while Russell Crowe is his fellow Jackson Healy.
Joel Silver is producing under his Silver Pictures banner, with Ken Kao of Waypoint Entertainment, with Hal Sadoff and Michael Malone serving as executive producers. Waypoint is co-financing, and BLOOM is handling international sales;  Indiewire has announced the rights for the movie will be on sale at the Toronto market this week (WB owns the right only for the Us market).
At the moment no other actors have joined the cast. The shooting should star this fall.

I will prepare the banner in the next days and I will keep you update asap.

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  1. Anonimo1:18 PM

    Hey! Few week ago I watched an interview with Ryan where he was speaking (or maybe I read this interview? I don't really remember) about a movie everyone should see/ he watches before falling asleep/something like that. It was a movie from a director who did only one or two movies... Maybe you have an idea what am I talking about? ;) I forgot to add this movie to my "to see" list and I really want to... But I remember nothing. Thanks for your help in advance!

    1. Hello Hanna.... I know he talked about a movie he watched often, his bedside movie taht is The Night of the Hunter with Robert Mitchum..... Maybe you're talking about this. Let me know.

    2. Anonimo4:16 PM