Hang Ryan Gosling on your wall.

Hello GosAdd,
we're in September and it's time for a new calendar to hang on your wall for the new year. And what's better than a Ryan Gosling's one? 
So, hoping to be usefull,  I've searched all the Amazon sites existing and I've found out there are 3 different options (well, not for all the Countries sorry).

So you will find the image of the calendar with the description and the links on the side. Ready? Ok, let's start.

This is the Red Star regular calendar.
In the picture you can see the Front, the Back and the inside. 

Here below all the links

Red Star (Official Site - UK)
Amazon.co.uk - UK 
Amazon.com - USA
Amazon.de - Germany  
Amazon.fr - France
Amazon.ca - Canada   

Note: in some Countries (like Germany and France) there are other editions that look the same as the Red Star.

This one is the same as the above plus a fridge magnet (you can see it in the image)

It's available only on  Amazon.co.uk - UK 


This is the ML Publishing edition. 
In the picture you can see the Front, the Back and the inside.

My suggestion: buying on Amazon is very simple. With the same username and password you can shop on every Amazon site. So, try and find the cheaper price on the different sites (be aware you have to add the shipping). I usually buy my dvd/blu ray from the UK. I pay less than on Amazon.it.

Well, my GosAdd, this is all for now.

Stay Gos


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