Ryan has 4 Projects in his pocket.

Hey Gosadd,
let's make a small recap about Ryan's project before I'm leaving for my holidays (in a week!).

As we know there are 4 movies out there waiting, 4 movies we still are wondering when we could watch...

So here we go.

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In the beginning the title was How To catch A Monster then WB turned it into Lost River. This is
Ryan's first movie as director. Not only! Ryan is also the writer and the producer via his Phantasma Film.
Yesterday there was the announce of the Canadian movies in competition at TIFF and Lost River is not in.
Maybe the movie was not even set to go to a festival this year. Ryan himself said during the interviews in Cannes the movie was closed few days before the European premiere. So maybe the movie will have its own single premiere somehow before the end of the year (Johnny Jewel told it should be out in October) in the US. Or what about Sundance in January? I don't know if it's possible but it's the perfect place for an Indie movie as Lost River is.
So far we just have few images of the main characters, bad reviews and also great ones. Plus, we know the final movie is very different from the original script. But I won't tell more as this would be a SPOILER.

 untitled terrence malick project 
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This movie is still an enormous ?. We all know Terrence Malick takes tons of time for the
post-production of his movies. Besides, an actor is never sure to be in a movie til the final cut. Christian Bale has already said he think he won't be in the movie in the end as he shot just 3 days.
I think if Malick should cut off Ryan... well, we can consider the movie totally deleted.  
We have few infos about the release of the movie (that according IMDb is still in post-production). Some thought - and I'm among those too - that this movie (previously known as Lawless) could be the third of a trilogy. The first should have been Into the wonder. The thoughs is due to the fact that there should be a kind of relation between the characters played by Olga Kurylenko (Into the Wonder) and Rooney Mara (UTMP). The second could be Knight of Cups: Christian Bale, Natalie Portman and Cate Blanchett are also in the Untitled so maybe there should be a kind of continuation.
I think the Untitled won't be "ready" til KoC will be released. And I think it will take another year as KoC was rejected at Cannes and it's not at Venice and Toronto this year.
So, let's wait and hope to see this. I'm very curious.

 the nice guys 
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We have little news about this movie: Ryan will be Holland March, a private detective who is in love with alcohol. With his mate (Russel Crowe, Jackson Healy - muscle for hire) he will investigate on a pornostar death .
Ryan was rumored to be attached at the movie last June but his management said it was not sure yet.
On 10 July (the day after the "pregnancy rumor" - don't forget there is still no official confirmation of
this and I can't consider OK! or People's mysterious sources a confirmation, sorry. But I would be very very happy if true) Ryan was confirmed attached to the movie along with Russell Crowe. No others actors and actresses are at  the moment attached to the movie.
The movie will be directed by Shane Black and produced by Joel Silver. 
The Distributor? Warner Bros.... [And this make me think..... I'm starting understanding Hollywood policy... An indie movie? Who cares! A box office movie? Ok, you actor have to promote the movie even while in its pre-production, let people know you, recognize you and so it's time for you to be seen around. Many actors didn't agree with this. Infact all we can have from Ryan are stolen images at a gas station and unknown sources speaking about his private.]

 buzz: The Life and art of busby berkeley 
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And this is another mistery at the moment. 
According IMDb the movie will be produced by Ryan
(maybe via his Phantasma?) and Marc Platt (Bold Films). Warner Bros has bought the rights for the Spitvak's biopic on this famous artist.
For what I've been told, Platt has the writer who is preparing the script. To the date there is no news about.

That's all for now my beloved.
In a week I will leave for my trip in the States but the blog and also the Socials will be updated (if any news will be released) as soon as I can find a wifi connection.

Stay Gos


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