What changes for us? NOTHING!

Good Morning everybody,
if you are following  my socials you know I don't post gossips or rumors or candids (pictures taken by paparazzis during Ryan' spare time).

But this time I think a post is needed.

Surely you all have now read the "rumors" around the web. Yes RUMORS! Because this is at the moment.

I still believe what happens in Ryan's private life is NOT our business

An Anon (because he/she is too coward to write me with his/her account) wrote me that all the web is melting so I should stop telling lies (because I say I don't care about Ryan's private).

First, I'm not a liar. You may believe me or not, it's not important to me, it doesn't matter. I know who I am and I know I'm one of the most honest living persons. I can't say lies, it's my being.

Second, I REALLY DON'T CARE about gossips.
I love Ryan, I've never thought I could fall in love with a person I don't even know in real life but it has happened! Yes, I care about his life, I wonder what he is doing, what he likes to do, how he is feeling and if he is happy. But reading gossip is not useful at all.
Besides I have no right to judge the way he lives his private. I have no right to put my nose in his business. And most of all I have no right to judge who he dates.
(Stop! Please stop thinking about  Ryan and Rachel! They're not living in a movie! They're not a couple and Rachel is in love with another man)

All I know is Ryan is very happy at the moment. During his Cannes staying he appeared so happy and relaxed and this was enough for me to understand he is living a good moment. That's all I need to know. That's all WE need to know.

This morning when  I entered my socials I had tons of messages asking me if the "news" is true and have you read it?

Gos! I'm not blind. I've learnt reading before writing when I was 5 years old (my teacher were quite shocked as it's unusual)! And I may not speak a good English but I can read it very well and I'm always searching for real news about  Ryan (and it's not easy!)

So the "rumors" is Eva is 7 months pregnant with Ryan. If true this is simply GREAT and I would not be  happy... I'd be much more than happy because (if true) this means Ryan and Eva are living the best time of their life. Ryan is quiet with his job so is she and they can enjoy the pregnancy and the first months of Baby Goose.

Rumor.. YES I REPEAT: Rumor! I've been told "People US confirmed the news so it must be true", an official statement is not needed!

Excuse me: WHAT???? Who is  People???? Who is Ok Magazine??? and again Who is STAR Magazine???? Are they the Holy Bible? They don't ask for the confirmation. They just post the "scoop" for selling one more issue. Do you really believe what those mags write? Please, tell me you don't! Eva and Ryan's rep has been contacted but they haven't yett reply.... Oh... This means  they're posting rumors!

I hate those magazines. It's because of them Ryan and many others "celebrities" as they called them (Ryan is NOT a celebrities. Being an actor doens't mean being a celebrity. Ryan has always kept a very low profile and this is one of the  reasons that makes me love him even more) can't live an easy life.

Would you be happy to be followed every time you go out with your car? Or while you're pumping gas? Do you like persons who are always keeping their nose in your own business? The answer is NO. You won't be happy at all.
So why Ryan (or any other actor or singer or "star") should be?

If the rumor is true (and Gos, I do pray for it to be) this is not only a great invasion of their privacy, but it's shameful! Shameful for the way those mags have sold it. They've sold Ryan's private life in the worst way.
As I've written few lines above if they're expecting their first child, this is the best time of their lives. So far they've protected their relationship like the most precious diamond in the world so and they will be even more protective with their baby.. who are we for enter their life this way?

Don't tell me now he should tell us.. Why? For being followed even more? For let Eva been tortured by paparazzis trying to photograph her baby bump?
Don't forget what we are. We're just fans, he loves us but we're not a mom or a sister or a close friend (by the way, good friend the one who is going around saying these things.. really a good person!). Ryan has always protected his private and the persons around him. ALWAYS.

If you want to be fan of an actor who tells you everything about his private, sorry but I think you're following the wrong actor. Go and search for James Franco or anyone else then.
If you want to follow a page with words of hate against Eva , only images of Ryan and tons of gossip, then stop following me.

Don't forget: for us FANS nothing changes.
Have you really dreamt of having his baby? You know this couldn't happen.
Ryan is always the same person. He will keep doing his great movies and hopefully his great music. He will keep living his life like he is doing now.

I love the way he is. And I wish him and Eva all the best in the world.

Stay Gos


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