More than 100.000 views ... Thank You!!!

Hello my GosAdd
still no news about our beloved Ryan; the movies in competition at TIFF are still being announced (we need to wait till mid August before giving up hoping!).

But this post is a kind of a celebration! Yes, a celebration because in less than 3 months (the opening date was 2nd May 2014)...

"Ryan Gosling Addicted: The Gallery" has reached and exceeded 100,000 views.
I'm a little "sad" (if we can say this) because this blog has just reached only 85.900 views and it's 10 months older.. But  still it's a big result for me. And let me remind you again that my blog was noticed by big US movie sites (The Film Stage, The Playlist, Black Book) and by Ryan himself.

So,  here I am to say you all a big THANK YOU for supporting me and for loving Ryan and my Pages.

Stay Gos


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