New Behind The Scenes from Only God Forgives

Hi GosAdd,
today is an interesting Friday....

First the news about The Nice Guys (in case you've missed it, see the posts here) and then I've found out the Official trailer for "My Life directed by Nicolas Winding Refn" that is a documentary shot by Liv Corfixen (for those who don't know, she is Nic's wife) during the making of Only God Forgives in Thailan, in February 2012.

We had a brief taste of this documentary months ago. In one of my previous post I've already told you this clip was taken by Liv, do you remember this? Or maybe I wrote it only on Facebook....

What I didn't tell you because honestly I didn't know it at the time, it's this clip was part of a bigger project of her, that is a documentary on her husband. I've found out about this movie about a month ago: it was premiered at a Danish Festival. Now, we have the official trailer for it (the movie will be released in Danish theaters on 17 July):

So, why am I talking about this doc regarding Nicolas? It's easy: as the documentary was shot in Thailand during the Only God Forgives shooting, Ryan appeared too.

On the Gallery you can find the screencaptures from the trailer, while here below I do post you some gifs I've made from it (Ryan is happy with kids and he is lovely while playing with them).

Have a happy week-end

Stay Gos


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