Now you can make Ryan hugging and kissing you...

Morning there GosAdd,
as you can see by the banner in the post, this one is about "where to buy a new stuff".

But honestly, you can't buy it: you have to download it for FREE. Infact, I'm presenting you an App for Apple devices named Code Made Cool.

First, let me say thank you to Harrie - one of my beloved GosAdd on Facebook - for letting me know about it. Personally, I don't use the Apple Store that much...

Anyway, this app is a kind of Coding Lessons but mostly is a funny game for us. We can hug and kiss Ryan.
I've download it only this morning and I've had just  the time to pass the first step.
The game has 4 Levels:

Level #1 - Move Ryan and be hugged by him;
Level #2 - Have Ryan walked you at your door and make him kiss you;
Level #3 - Walk Ryan to the door and kiss him at every step;
Level #4 - Help Ryan to rescue you from a cage (you've been caught by ninjas!).

The app is in English (so you need to know a little of it). Ok, stop wasting time!

Search for the App on the App Store:  the name is Code made Cool.
Download it and it will soon on your screen.
Close the AppStore and click on the icon.

Ok, if you now see this image you're.
Look! Ryan winks at you.

Go on by clicking on Start Coding.

Level #1 - Everytime you open enter the game or go on to the next Level, a brief instruciont on what to do will appear.
All you have to do is reading them and then press on Start Coding.
If you need to read the instructions again, just press on the ? in the Goal description line.

I have to admit that I was in trouble at first and I'm usually smart on these stuff.... so I want to give you a little help (if you don't want it, well stop reading now).

So you're in the game. You have to move Ryan to the space in front of you and have him give you a hug....
As you can see  there are 2 puzzle pieces on the left of the screen. It took me a little to understand. So, you have drag and drop  them on the right side of the screen.
Remember: every move forward piece is a step... How many steps does he need to be next to you?

3 steps! So drag and drop the Move Forward Pieces 3 times and then add the Hug one. The pieces must fit. Have you done it? Ok.
Now rotate the Phone (or the Ipad) and see what happens....

If you don't want to see but want to play.... 

STOP reading now

What else can  I say now? Just play and have fun with Ryan.

Stay Gos


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