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This blog is always in its making, I've told you this many times. Just round the corner there could always be a surprise regarding Ryan Gosling and his projects.
And in this post you will read about a something I'm sure few of you knew.

Do you remember what I wrote in the Put Me In The Car post?
"If we listen to Ryan's voice in the DMB' songs we notice the  voice is a little different: younger, more sweeter, less hoarse than now.
And what does this mean?
It means that there is a chance Put me in the car  is older than 2006 and maybe Ryan wrote (and sang) when he was younger."

So I've told you that the song MAY BE older than 2006... Now I can affirm without doubt the song IS older than 2006.

First let me thank the great Pictorial Gosling Admin who helped me with  this. The site is at  the moment offline and my hope is that it could be soon on again. On that beatiful site I've read many interesting things regarding Ryan's early steps (before I get to know him. I'm following him since June 2012 so I missed a lot of his past) and on that site I've read about Put me in the car first.
And then I was so so lucky I could talk with one of the Admin of the site and.... this is a gift I've got and I want to share it with you now.

So, we were saying about Put me in the car older than 2006...
Early in 2000 Ryan used to sings in clubs in Los Angeles. He held 2 concerts at the famous Cat Club in Los Angeles (the night club closed up in 2011) and I knew this. I also knew he used to sing covers. And not only.

Ryan wrote his own songs and he sang them during those concerts, including Put me in the car (that has been written before 2000).
Rachel Grimm - who was a fan of him since Young Hercules - had the chance to see him performing live twice at The Cat Club and she wrote 2 reviews ( you will find them at the end of the post: just click on the picture to enlarge it) where she also added the title of every song, some lines from each of them and her thoughts.

Are you curious?? Keep reading then.

Ryan himself called it The Angel Set (because "Angel" is in 3 songs). Here the songs with a little explanation (and comment) by Rachel.
Please note: all the songs are "copyright © 2000 Ryan Gosling"

BEAUTIFUL ANGEL - a jazzy, funky, upbeat tune about being right for someone that "just don't know it yet" (pop/R&B feel - in my opinion - yet all with a guitar-and-drums sound. Very cool song, and a great opening number.)

MAYBE - Edgier vocals/style, more of a classical rock feel

"Could I be right for you"
"Could you be my baby?"

(Definitely a rock song, though I personally prefer a smoother sound. It was okay, though.)

PUT ME IN THE CAR - A slightly slower tempo
"Just put me in the car, and drive slow"
"It'll be alright."
"It'll be all that I ever ask…"

(I guess I would classify this as a rock ballad, though it was kind of hard to decipher some of the lyrics - I think Ryan was mumbling! - from what I could understand, I liked this song as well.)

ONE KISS - Ryan said, "this is a new one. I just wrote it yesterday." Upbeat rock/pop
"Pack your bags, babe, cuz you're mine"
"You better watch your lips when we say goodbye"
"I'd rather never kiss you (ever) than never kiss you again"
"Just one kiss"

(I really liked this one, because the song itself is one of those you could listen to over and over, but also because the sentiment behind it is quite cool, and very romantic.)

ANGEL DIVINE - He called this jazz, but I think it sounds more bluesy; starts out slow, gets more be-boppin'
"…listen to the sound of a different drum"

(In this song one gets to see how low his voice can go - and how outstanding his vocal range is! I liked this one, too, but as a rule, I tend to like songs I can groove to…)

ANGEL.... - Very upbeat, fast tempo, dancier tune with drum solo
"I met an angel…I'd sell my soul for a taste of the pain she brings"
"I met an angel with holy eyes, but don't be fooled, she's the devil in disguise"
"I met an angel without a name"
"I met an angel without a care, don't look now, she's standin' over there"

(It was hard to understand the title, because at first he started to call it "beautiful angel" then it sounded like Angel Everybody or Everything then it sounded like Angel Something… No matter what the title, the lyrics were very cool, as you can tell. I am absolutely amazed by his songwriting ability on all the songs, but while listening to this one, it's just an in-your-face, can't-ignore fact.)

PICTURE US (In My Head) - Song with Sky singing, Ryan playing guitar and singing back up. At the beginning of the song it was "as yet untitled".

SHE'S GONNA DIE  - Song complete with audience participation. "When I go like this - puts hand to ear - you say, 'she's gonna die.'"
"Was an old lady swallowed a fly…"
"Don't know why she swallowed that fly, but…she's gonna die."

That poor old lady swallows a spider, bird, cat, dog, husband, wife, and boyfriend - all following the 'animal' preceding it, which, in turn, was chasing the one before it - over the course of the song. For example:
"Was an old lady swallowed a boyfriend chasing the wife chasing her husband looking for his dog chasing the cat who's after the bird chasing the spider that followed the fly"
"That witch/bitch gonna die"

(At this point, Scott yelled out, "hey - you said bitch!" Everyone swore that Ryan said, "bitch," but he claims that he said, "witch." That's not what the vast majority of the room heard - including me! Controversy notwithstanding, the song is hilarious, and Ryan obviously enjoys singing it.)

MEDLEY  - Friday I'm In Love, I Think We're Alone Now, Ain't No Sunshine When She's Gone:  guitar and drum versions of these songs. (Sounded great!)

WHAT DO YOU WEAR TO BED - Ryan immediately comments, "It's not what you think!" To paraphrase, it's about thinking different things are sexy… Ryan's example, "you know, when you come home and she's wearing an old football jersey…" Slower, mid-tempo ballad...
"What is that second skin on a rainy night you hide away in"
"Is it an old T-shirt.."
"Is it old or is it new, is it black or is it blue."

(Again, this song was fabulous - not only because of the song itself, but also because of the idea from which it originated. Though it wasn't sexy in a trashy way, like the title could suggest, it is a very sexy song - lyrics, rhythm, style, and vocals.)

THE ONE  - A slow-tempo ballad
"It's nice to meet you, sure hope you stay."
"Babe, you're the right on my wrong"
"You're all I ever dreamed of…you're my favorite song"
"You're the one"
"In my life…forever stay."

(Lovely song, with a great message. It's one of those things you would want the man in your life to say and feel. Or at the very least dedicate the song to you once he hears it.)

KISSIN' - Alternates between slower lines and fast, dance-like choruses

"You and me live in perfect harmony"
"Can't she see that it makes my day just to watch her breath"
"She's beautiful and she knows that she glows when she breathes."
"…you and me up in a tree…that's my secret fantasy"
"Her lips…meet mine…and I get a feeling like I could die"

(Very pop/R&B-like. Very easy to dance to, and very easy to envision on your favorite radio station, no matter what the format.)

FOR YOU - Ryan's response to when people say (when they break up), that this relationship was a waste and so on…and that's not true. As he puts it, "…because, I don't know…I think you learned something from that person. Whether it's how not to act or how to act, you know…something…a little touch or a little something that they showed you, that you use."
Very upbeat pop/rock with ballad-like lyrics

"She kissed me so sweetly…for you"
"The way she moved her hips, licked her lips, touched me softly with her fingertips…she kissed me so deeply"
"she taught everything she knew…for you"
"she taught me what to do…to you"
"…she was my first love…she was my first heartbreak too"
"she loved me so badly…she taught me all that I would do…for you"
"she taught me how to love you"

(This is an awesome song with an even more awesome philosophy behind it and within it. It's a beautiful song, though hard to explain. Another one that you just won't get tired of hearing. Certainly among my favorites…top three at least!)

SHH... BAD... UH UH ... OH YEAH - Very cool rhythm and irresistible chorus…which I can't write, you have to hear, but I'll give you a hint, it's something like the title!

"Can I buy you a drink…can I buy you a car"
"Wonder what my chances are…of taking you home"

All we need now is the chance to hear them with our own ears. I wish I could a day.
As promise, here below the PDF scans of the reviews. Enjoy the reading

Review #1 - 23 Feb. 2000
Review #1 - 23 Feb. 2000
Review #2 - 29 March 2000
Review #2 - 29 March 2000
Review #2 - 29 March 2000
Review #2 - 29 March 2000
Review #9 - 25 March 2000
Review #9 - 25 March 2000
Review #2 - 29 March 2000


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