What a wedding...

Hello there GosAdd,
I'm back with a new "Did You Know That..." post. Hope you could find usefull for knowing better our beloved Ryan.

We need to go back to 2010 when Ryan had a talk with Steve Carrell for the famous Interview Magazine.
Now  tell me.. have you stopped just watching the images on the article...

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Or have you also read the interview?
If your answer is the #2 then you know what this post is about; in opposite, if your answer is #1, then keep reading please.

The interview is very very interesting (read it if you haven't yet).
At a point Steve asked Ryan: What was your first big job?
And Ryan answered:
"My sister and I used to sing at weddings. We would sing “When a Man Loves a Woman” to the bride. We’d do it right before the garter ceremony. While the bride was sitting on the chair, I would get down on my knees and sing the song, and then my sister would sing another song, and then together we would sing “Old Time Rock & Roll.” Then sometimes if we were really killing it, I’d sing “Runaround Sue.

At the time Ryan was just 8 y.o. and his sister Mandi was a little older (12 yo as she was born in 1976).

Yes, GosAdd! Ryan has always been a talented guy and he always wanted to be an entertainer.
Of course, Ryan would never have thought to become what he is today. But in the end, what is he now? He is just a normal 33 years old guy who makes his living by acting in the film in which he believes above all, he gets fun by singing his songs and he rejects the star-system where everyone has to know everything about you. This is one of the reason I love him. 

Little thought of mine before greeting you: just think now those lucky spouses who can watch back then at pictures and videos taken during the wedding and see there Ryan Gosling. Maybe they also forget he was there with them or maybe someone has tried to sell those stuff now he is The Gos...

Enjoy the week-end and Stay Gos


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