Be Patient! That's the key word!

Hello there Gosadd,
In the last days I was not around just because there are no news.... And honestly, also what I'm about to say it's not a news...

I had some messages on my socials asking about the Untitled Terrence Malick Project 's release.
Well, we can't know what's between "Terry" and his movie at the moment.

All I've been told is that Knight of Cup was supposed to be in Cannes and the UTMP could be at TIFF. But then KoC didn't enter the Cannes Selection and now the rumor is the movie could be at the Venice's Film Festival (Late August/Early September). And for this the UTMP has been postponed once again.

The IMDb site reported as release date (just an indicative date, not a confirmed one) mid September in the Netherland but.....
Now we have a new "date" (this is the news): sometimes in 2015 in the Usa.

Not a big stuff, honestly.
Keep on waiting!

Stay Gos


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