I'm going to meet the Gos!!!

Morning GosAddicted
I will meet Ryan Gosling!! Yes I'm gonna meeting him by the end of 2015!! This is my request for the New Year (though we're just in June)

I know what you're thinking about now. Is Ryan called her up? Has she been contacted by his management?
No: Ryan didn't call me up and Ilene (or Carolyn if you prefer) didn't e-mailed me.

Let me explain how and when I could meet the Gos.

The other day I was searching for #RyanGosling on Facebook (you can see few tags honestly but I've found the good one!) and this appeared to me:

3 of my friends... (well, a little of myself now: I've got just 4 good friends I can trust) have been there many times and keep telling me how beautiful London is so I was planning a visit before Xmas this year or for August 2015 and now I've got one more reason to go: going and meeting my beloved Ryan!!!

Ok ok, it's just a wax-statute but have you seen the Madame Tussauds stuff???? They're like real!
That's why I say: I will meet Ryan Gosling. As we say here in Italy "si fa quel che si può" (that in English is I do what I can). I can't meet him in flesh and bones, then let me meet him in wax!

At the moment there is another wax-statue of our beloved Gos and it's at the Grevin Museum
in Montreal.

But let's be honest... It's not very similar to  Ryan. Besides I've never seen him with that tee.

The Madame Tussauds' are so so beautiful, so accurate in the details...

So, let's wait July and we will see Ryan in London!

Stay Gos


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  1. Anonimo3:20 PM

    Its not going to be there in 2015. It is on loan from the Tussauds in Florida and will be only in London for this summer before being moved to Florida for its opening day.

    1. Really??? Oh My Gos!!! I knew my dream couldn't come true! Not even with a wax Gos!! But how do you know this?

  2. Anonimo5:26 PM

    It was in a UK newspaper article.