(Photos) Ryan Gosling Addicted: The Gallery

Morning there my GosAdd,
everything is quiet in the Gos Universe at the moment. All we know at the moment is Ryan is back to LA surely working as he is not a lazy man. He is a workalcoholic.

And in the last weeks I've uploaded all the images in the Gallery.

Let me remind you few stuff:
- You can enter the Gallery also from this blog, just click on the page.
- The Gallery is hosted for free on sosugary.com (so on an external site) and you will find a little banner after the main image. The banner is used by the hosting site, so I don't earn money from it. If I wanted to earn money, I would also put banners on the blog. But I'm running my pages and the gallery just for the love I feel for the Gos so I don't wanto to make money on him.
- Every day I add new images on the Gallery. There are so many of them out there.
- On my pages and so also on the Gallery you won't find Candids. So, don't ask for them.

Here the interactive list of the section on the gallery:

Dead Man's Bones
Photos taken during their tour and photoshoots by professional photographer.

Stills from Ryan's movies and Behind the Scene from them. The Malick Project is still in its making.

Festivals - Premieres - Public Appearances
Photos taken during Festivals, Press Junkets, Premieres and other public events.

Ryan's appearances on Tv Shows from 2011

Covers and articles appeared on Magazines.

Photos taken by professional photographer during the years.

Tv & Others Projects
Stills from TV series - Solo Projects - Charity.The section is still in its making.

Welcome to GosLand
Pictures of Ryan with his fans and FanArt.

Hope you would enjoy it.

Stay Gos


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