Could Ryan Gosling be a "Nice Guy"?


Happy Friday GosAdd,
it's been a very hot week here where I live. Too hot for being Mid June... But this is not an important stuff. We're here for talking about our beloved Gos, right?

So, let's start with what at the moment is a little more than a rumor. It's not Gossip!
Let me explain.
Gossip: fake "news" about Ryan's Private Life. You won't read them on my pages. No more!!! No way!!!! His private life is HIS PRIVATE LIFE so it's not our business.

Rumors: news (maybe fake ok but reported by "good" cinema sites) about some movie projects.  This is his WORK and this is what we have to care about if we are really fans of him.

Here we go!
This morning I read on The Wrap (and the new has been reported then also by Collider and Indiewire) about "The Nice Guys" project by Shane Black (Iron Man 3) with Joel Silver as producer.

The project (it should be a noir) has been in the works for quite a while, and was scripted by Black and  Anthony Bagarozzi. And two actors are "attached" at the moment: Russel Crowe and our Ryan, though his management (Carolyn Govers for Anonymous Content and Ilene Feldman for LBI Entertainment) say it's too soon for saying attached (translation: it doesn't confirm the news at the moment)

What the movie should be about? As I've said it is set in smoggy 1970s Los Angeles and the story follows Jackson Healy (muscle-for-hire, recovering alcoholic - Crowe?) and Holland March (private eye, practicing alcoholic - our  Ryan?), who are brought together by the suicide of a fading porn star. The dead girl's aunt is convinced she saw her niece alive and well after the highly publicized incident. March needs money, takes the case, and within days, it's blossomed into a far-reaching murder conspiracy, bizarrely rooted in smog and the U.S. auto industry.

It sounds interesting don't you think?

For now is a little more than a rumor. Let's wait what will happen.

Stay Gos


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  1. Sounds really interesting! I hope it's true that Ryan will be in it.

    1. Yes it sounds a good plot. Hopefully the movie won't be like Gangster Squad. Let's wait and see what happens :-)

  2. Sounds much better than the musical thing ;)