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Hello there GosAdd,
So, this time I haven't opened the post with a pic but with a video. And what a video!!!
I think this is one of the most hilarious video so far with Ryan. During this video interview for Télérama the questions were written on few post it and this is the last one. And Ryan answers at his best!!! It reminds me a little bit like the Drive Unscripted with Nicolas WR.

This video lasts only 53 seconds but there is another longer video:

In the end those two videos are mostly funny but tell us a little about the movie itself. 

Ryan Gosling di LeNouvelObservateur

These are three videos in a row uploaded by Le Nouvel Observateur and they're really interesting.
In the first video Ryan talks about the movie and says he grew up next to a river made by men and at the bottom of that river there were a sinked town. He adds when he was camping with his family he found a road into the water…. Now, GosAdd… I'm one of those who had the script (that is totally different from the movie in the end) and while I was reading it I said to myself. This movie is Ryan! I knew about Cornwall to be near an overfloaded town because he said it during an interview taken with Le Figaro. He was asked about the movie who leave a sign in his childhood. Ryan answers Howard the Duck. Have you seen it? I don't. Anyway he said that movie was a shock for him. 

In the second one he said his movie Lost  River is an experience. When he see a movie after 10 minutes he knows where that movie is going (it happens to me also). So, for what he says Lost River is a surprising movie… You never know what is happening, right Ryan? He loved the reactions about the movie because this means the movie works. He also said the movie wasn't ready til a month ago (and we know this because a month ago a tweet has appeared saying the sound was done!).

In the third he simply speaks about Cannes and that he would love watching Godard 3d.

Another interesting video is from Lesinrocks.

Ryan Gosling nous parle... di lesinrocks

He talks about the obstacles for making the movie. He talks about Landyn who plays Frankie. He had a big party for being so little but he was terrified by the camera. He ran away every time and Ryan had to reconsider how to shoot the movie… He had to hide for filming the kid.

Ryan Gosling à Cannes : "Je pensais que les... di lemondefr

And this is the last video I'm posting you here. A video interview taken with Le Monde and he talks about his actors. He said he was very impressed by Christina during Drive though she had just a very small part (Blanche). About Ben, he said he is an incredible actor who arrived on set with a big stereo singins as he was Al Johnson. 
In the end Ryan said he thought directors were like magicians but while shooting he realized being a directors is a very hard work.

There are many other  videos but I can't post them all here. So, I've registered to Daily Motion (where, honestly all the best videos are at the moment) and I've created a Lost River Playlist. I will add all the videos I find to the it. So, take a look on Daily Motion and on You Tube.

Enjoy Ryan and the videos.

Stay Gos


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