Buzz: is Spivak writing the screenplay?

Hey GosAdd,
In the last weeks we have talked only about Lost River: Crapapoclyptic or Masterpiece?  Well, we have to wait for saying this till the day we can watch it.

But I think it's time to move on now. Let's not forget Ryan has another project in his pocket.
So far I've posted a couple of articles here on the blog about the Busby "Buzz" Berkeley biopic. 

I've told you Warner Bros has bought the option on the book  Buzz: The Life and Art of Busby Berkeley  by Jeffrey Spivak and that maybe Ryan could be both director and actor, not only producer.

So, as usual this morning I took a look on the IMDb site and maybe something is moving. The movie is still in development (it can still be deleted at anytime) but both Ryan and Marc Platt are as producer and Jeffrey Spivak (who wrote the book) is as writer... What I can't understand is if Spivak is writing the screenplay... I know Platt has found a writer and we should have some news by the summer (fingers crossed)

What do you think?

Stay Gos


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  1. Anonimo5:46 AM

    IMDB lists the writer of the book separately from the writer of the screenplay. Looks like they are just citing Spivak as the author of the book. How do you know that Marc Platt found a writer? The last news I could find is that as of March 20th, they were still looking for a writer. Would love to know how you got the scoop, thanks!

    1. Thanks, I thought it was just the name of the writer for the book but I wasnt sure. As for Marc Platt... Well I've got some good sources that sometimes tell me a little. Infact for what I've been told he has his own trusty writer working in the screenplay :-)

  2. Will Ryan be staring as Busby? I remember previously they had said he was both producing it and starring in it?

    1. There are no news at the moment. Ryan should be producer with Marc Platt. But the screenplay is not yet ready. So nothing is sure at the moment, not even the movie to be done.