EXCLUSIVE FOR THIS BLOG: Ryan's Official Statement on Lost River and more

Good Morning Gosadd,
today is a great day. 

We have new stills from the movie. I'm posting just 4 of them here below but you can watch them all in High Quality on the Gallery now open

So I was saying today is a great day... We finally have the official announcement. Lost River will be screened at Cannes Film Festival on 20 May 2014 :
- Press Screening - time 2 pm - Salle Debussy
- Official Screening - time 10 pm - Salle Debussy.

I do remind you the movie is in "Un Certain Regard" Selection and it could win the Camera D'Or.

The Press Kit has also been released (yet posted on the gallery linked above) but it's in French and I don't know if you all can read it. So I will add a translation of some parts of it (hope it won't be that wrong.)
While reading it I've noticed that Rob Zabrecky (who has always been listed as Rob, the cab driver) is not in but we  find a French actor named Reda Kateb. Maybe Zabrecky is playing another driver or maybe, as Reda is French and quite known in his home Country, the French Presse has decided to list him. We will know soon.
Last but not least... on the French press kit there it's written: Cinema Release: First semester of 2015.
Here in Italy the movie is scheduled to be released on 27 November then we have 2 other European dates set for October. I suppose the movie will be premiered also at Tiff for the Noth America Area and I do think Warner Bros (the distributor) want to present the movie for some important events (Golden Globes? Academy?). I could be wrong of course. This is just a feeling.

Ryan's OFFICIAL Statement (not a translation - Exclusive for this blog)

This film was, in a lot ways, a gift from the directors I've been working with over the last few years. I've gone between acting in films completely based in reality with Derek Cianfrance to the fevered dreams of Nicolas Winding Refn. I think I've vacillated between these two extremes because my own sensibilities as a filmmaker lay somewhere in-between.
It's not until I had the opportunity to work on The Ides of March that I was introduced to Detroit, a place that is currently living on the border of those two realities. Although I was only there for a few days I couldn't help but be affected by the city.  It was on the verge of declaring bankruptcy. There were forty miles of abandoned neighborhoods and, within pockets of those neighborhoods, there were parents trying to raise their children on streets where houses were being burned and torn down around them. Detroit was the birthplace of the Model T, Motown and the middle class. It was, at one time, a postcard for the American Dream but now, for the families in these neighborhoods, the dream has become a nightmare. Having said that, there is still a lot of hope there. There is something very inspiring about the consciousness in Detroit. What it once was and will be again is still very much alive. I knew I had to make something there.

I kept returning over the following year, trying to document some of these neighborhoods before they were torn down or destroyed and I began to think of a story that took place not in Detroit, but in Lost River, an imagined city with an imagined past. As the elements of the story began to emerge; a family losing their home, a mysterious secret beneath the surface, I drew from the 80's family fantasy films that I grew up with and filtered them through the sensibilities about film I've acquired since. With that, Lost River began to take shape for me in the form of a dark fairy tale with the city itself as the damsel in distress and the characters as broken pieces of a dream, trying to put themselves back together.

 A first movie (translation)

Ryan Gosling:  "I wanted to make this film because it's a movie that I would want to see. Like many children who grew up in the 1980s, I first approached the cinema through mainstream films. I was excited to shoot this kind of story, but with the language of filmmaker that I've acquired through the years".
Christina Hendricks: "Ryan was amazing. This is his first film, and we had some disappointments: one day a torrential rains, another one we lost a camera... In these cases, he took things as they come and found an immediate and creative solution to overcome obstacles. Moreover, being an actor himself, he gives very useful information about the characters, and he knows how to talk to actors. I think everyone really respect his vision, imagination, his enthusiasm and creativity".
All the actors agree in saying Ryan's experience in being himself an actor has created a serene atmosphere and a great collaborative relationship. 
"He is very attentive, always perceives what others feel and he knows our mind "said Saoirse Ronan. "He is kind, very careful and he approaches things from an original angle, which I like a lot. In addition, he is calm, concise, and his vision is personal and well defined, but that did not stop to let others make their own contribution," says an enthusiastic Matt Smith.
Ryan never wanted to have a role in the movie: "This would not have been very responsible on my part, because the film is quite ambitious. There are lots of actors who become directors, it gives the impression that it is easy, but it is not. I had a lot to do in making the film, I thought it was better to focus on that"

Detroit as Lost River (translation)
Detroit was used as base for the imaginary city of Lost River and she has a great role in the movie. Ryan knew no other cities could express the same desolation and unreal beauty of Lost River.
"Some iconic films of the 1950s, like THE OUTSIDERS or AMERICAN GRAFFITI, even if they do not take place in Detroit, were certainly influenced by what was happening. The film thus shows how the American dream has turned into a nightmare, at least for the people who live there" says Ryan.
Ryan also thought filming in Detroit could have allowed the actors to anchor their interpretation of reality. "Shooting in Detroit, allowing them to walk around this city in ruins gives the film an authenticity that perhaps would not have otherwise," he says. "The environment is everything. When we were tracking and during filming, we met with residents of these neighborhoods, and they are now part of the scenes we shot and of the universe we created. There is still a lot of hope in Detroit. That is why this is the only place where we could make this film. It's a city that gives creativity and inspiration, and I hope that other productions will use the talents and opportunities that exist here.

That's all.

Stay Gos


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  1. thank you ;) but it sounds like my exact idea of the movie as a mixture of 80s/90s stuff like the gate or labyrinth and twin peaks will be destroyed...i think its a drama with a little bit mystery. lets see :)

    1. In few days wi will know more about this movie. I'm so excited!!

  2. i hope there will be a trailer soon...do you know anything?

    1. Not yet. I think the trailer will be release few days before the screening if not the same day

  3. i can hardly wait ! :)

  4. I'll be in Cannes May 20th! Any ideas on how to get in to see the film?

    1. Hello, I think you need a pass or some kind of invitation to be at the screening. I've never read you can buy a ticket for the screenings :-(

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  6. they dont sell tickets for the official festival competition: http://www.festival-cannes.com/en/archives/cms/55891.html

    just for screenings of films out of Competition.

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