Lost River: a crapapocalyptic or a misunderstood masterpiece

Hello there GosAdd from all over the world,
so Lost River has its World Premiere and its reviews from the Press of all the world.

Firstly, let me say that I haven't had my chance to see the movie (I'm not a journalist and I had no invitation for the Screening so....). This post is just for sharing reviews and opinion and hopes and fears. Then, I have to say that the reviews linked here contain SPOILER so if you don't want to know, don't read them.

Surely you all have read them by now and surely you know by now the movie has been said to be "Crapapocalyptic". I'm not English but I know this word is not a word you can find on a dictionary. It's 2 words mixed in one: Crap (and we know what crap means but for those who don't know this is a good synonymous: sh*t!) and Apocalyptic has a clear meaning.

On 20 May I got up with the butterflies in the stomach, I was very very nervous because it was the Screening day. Usually when I'm this nervous is not that good. I was afraid, yes afraid! I really felt for him. I can't imagine how Ryan was the day but I knew something bad were about to happen.
Anyway, that day has been a crazy day for me. I followed all the stuff on twitter and as soon as the first tweets appeared I was in 7th Heaven!!!!

Alexander Dunerfors, Editor in chief for the Swedish movizine.se wrote two enthusiastic tweets.
As you can see by the pic he adored Lost River and he said there were few boos... So why I keep reading there were only booes???? Yesterday I've tweeted to him by saying him that all I can read was bad reviews for the movie and he answered me this "Yeah it's odd and not for everyone. I love odd".

This is not the only enthuastic tweet on the Social.

These are  by Film Land Empire. The first tweet soon after the screen says "Wonderful" and still I couldn't understand.
So I tweeted them yesterday evening.

And they answered that A LOT OF PEOPLE liked the movie.
Still,  I can't explain myself.... But the fact Lost River is quite similare to Only God Forgives..... I start understanding.. maybe?!

Let's go on. Renan Cros, journalist for Trois Coulers (French Magazine):
Lost River Incredible. Gosling mixed  Lynch, Korine and Argent in a morbid and hopeless reverie staggering beauty. Shock!
Of course in a very positive sense.


The last tweet is by Vincent Julé: Symbolisme, Ryan Gosling you write your name. In uppercase and in neon light. 

These men are not fans. They're all journalists and critics.

But then why all the reviews I've read are mostly NEGATIVE?

IndieWire gave the movie C-. The best thing in the movie is surely the Soundtrack scored by Johnny Jewel and they saved also the Cast.

The film is ultimately kind of juvenile and dumb, and there are more moments where you'll roll your eyes rather than inwardly applauding. And given the talent assembled, the emptiness at its center only makes it feel like more of a waste. But it does look great, it does sound great (the score, by "Drive" soundtrack contributor Johnny Jewel, is one of the film's best elements), and can be fitfully interesting. Thus, it's not a particularly auspicious debut for Gosling, but not one that suggests he should always stick to the day job, either. [C-]

The Film Stage is really hard agaist Ryan. They also say Ryan is not that great Actor (or maybe I translated it bad?!) and he does hard movie just to make you see he is doing something. They end their review with this line.
Gosling seems committed to his project — good! — but he’s not committed to filmmaking: he’s committed to coming-of-age romance, really weird violence, daddy issues, sexual torment, and cool burning fires. That’s not filmmaking. 

For what I know many many critics think the same as The Film Stage. Also those journalists (especially in the UK) who loved Only God Forgives did "kill" Lost River and for some Ryan's movie is anything else that a (bad and confused) love letter sent to Nicolas WR, Derek Cianfrance and David Lynch (one of Ryan's fave movie is Blue Velvet and he has always said this movie has opened up his mind. He was just 14 at the time).

But searching the web, going on small movies sites you can read really good reviews. These 2 reviews are both Italian (that is a miracle as Italians don't love Ryan).

Nuovo Cinema Locatelli is a blog by a Freelance journalist who wrote in the past for Grazia, Vogue and other magazines.
Ryan Gosling made ​​a film that is not a mainstream one but ambitious and too pretentious, intended to delight just for his blatant authorial narcissism , and displease many, even his fans and especially his female fans. He has courage and refrain from any appearance of cute, a big risk for a star like him. He tell us more by images and visions, to free association or relocation, lynch-ish precisely , and neglects a bit ' too much of the narrative and the construction of a coherent story preferring monads and isolate fragments. But he guesses sequences very nice. Those flames in the night, that input demonic club of Horrors (almost a quote of Dario Argento's Suspiria ) , the appearance of the grand macabre diva Eva Mendes, the lamps of the sunken city emerging from the water that suddenly come back on . He gets fascinated by landscapes of ruins of modernity and industrial civilization now condemned by the economic crisis, and he tell us about all the splendor now ill and contaminated. I do not know if a writer has born, but this film certainly for an ambition that borders on arrogance , is not to be neglected. Although at the end of the screening I attended he received few applause and many booes. 

And the review by Bad Taste  is the last one.
For being a directorial debut Gosling shows some interesting things and others that are not. It is true that, as already mentioned, his film seems a potpourri of things already seen, but the film maintains its own narrative tension before and after an extremely lyrical part, manages to tell a story that is not easy in many places, in other hands, it was in danger of becoming unintentionally ironic. If there was anything behind the glamor icon of contemporary cinema, but we remember that it is a first novel, Lost River would surely be appreciated more than it has so far been in Cannes, where the international press has already seen it. At this point we can only wait for the second test Gosling, hoping that such criticism piovutegli to this day do not postpone too much over time.

Yesterday a rumor (that now I know it's not at all a rumor) has surfaced the web. Warner Bros - that spend $ 3 milion for buying the rights of the movie (as distributors for the US) wants to sell out the movie to an Indie Distributors, hoping to have its money back. And some are saying also the movie shouldn't be release in theatre but only for Home Video.. Even worst, some say the movie shouldn't be released at all.

As I've said before, I haven't watched the movie so I can't talk about things I don't know. All I know is Ryan has put all himself in this project and he has created something he truly believes him. He has made a movie he wanted to watch. Hommage to Refn, Cianfrance and Lynch? They're his fave directors, this shouldn't be a surprise. Ryan is what he is also for them. In his Official Statement he admits he has "vacillated between these two extremes (referring to Nicolas and Derek) because my own sensibilities as a filmmaker lay somewhere in-between".

I will go and watch the movie, trying to concentrate on what I will see in front of my eyes and without thinking Ryan is the director. I will be honest and objective.

And I want to say this to our Ryan (maybe he is reading or someone else on behalf of him is).
I don't care what critics say. I need to watch your movie by myself. If I won't like it (because it may happen, I'm not just a fan. I didn't like Gangster Squad and I've always said it!), ok! I will write my small review and I will keep following and supporting you.

That's all.

Stay Gos


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  1. I will be so upset if the film doesn't get released into theatres... I've been so excited to see it on the big screen. stupid warner bros.

    1. Selling the movie is an option not sure at the moment. Besides WB is just the US distributors in most of Europe the movie has been already sold.