It's official: Johhny Jewel did the score.

Hello GosAdd,
We already knew it but now it's official.

Johnny Jewel did the score for Lost River.

A tweet has appeared today on the @EchoParksRecords account.

The Company is the management for Chromatics, Desire and Glass Candy - all in Drive Ost - and Johhny Jewel is a part of them all.

Later they tweeted Jewel was working on the score since February 2013 and we already knew this as he said it in an interview in July 2013.

And the little bird behind the EchoParks account added

The movie is beautiful and the best work Jewel has ever done. Now my curiosity is running even faster than before.

I've been told the trailer and the poster may be released in May. So once again, what is the best word we need to treasure? Correct: Patience.

At the moment, Johnny is in the studio working on the new Glass Candy album "Body Work" but he'll speak about the film and his score after Cannes.

Now we have to wait to know under what label the score will be released as Jewel has his own one (Italians do it better).

Stay Gos and tuned for more infos


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