From 'How to catch a monster' to 'Lost River'

It's Easter but in the end it's just another boring day for me.
So I was searching the web hoping to find some more images or maybe the trailer for Lost River.
As for the poster, yesterday I've been told it should be released this week. So let's wait.
What is sure is Warner Bros is keeping the movie very secret.

But as the one who searches in the end finds.... I've found something.
On Deadline I've read these few lines:

And over at Un Certain Regard, all eyes will be on Ryan Gosling's directional debut Lost River which stars perennial Mad Men Emmy nominee Christina Hendricks and past Oscar nominee Saoirse Ronan along with Eva Mendes. Hendricks told me recently she saw the film as she was looping it and found it to be an extraordinary directing job by Gosling. It was shot under the title How To Catch A Monster, but distributor Warner Bros has switched to the new, less interesting name. Hendricks told me she hopes they will go back to the original which execx probably think will be confused with a horror title.

If this is true, Warner Bros had the last word surely in the Final Cut (because it's very rare the producers or a distributor like WB let the movie the way the director shot it) and also on the title.

Personally I prefer How To Cacth A Monster or maybe it's because we all know the movie by this name. And I think now it's too late to go back to this. The movie is now named Lost River, that is the name of the vanishing city where the story is set.

Was HTCAM better for you?

Stay Gos


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  1. Anonimo6:25 PM

    so typical warner bros -.- and I prefer HTCAM

  2. Anonimo6:42 PM

    Ugh, it breaks my heart a little bit. I like the title How to Catch a Monster from the start! I love it even more after I read the script, I thought it's whimsically fitting with the story. Lost River is meh! :(