Eva Mendes like Carmen Miranda for The Monster.

Morning GosAdd
today is the day! The Great Day. At 11 am (CET) Cannes Film Festival Organizers will give the official announce on Twitter and I'll do my best for following in real time and  give you the NEWS as soon as it comes out.

But in the meantime..... We have a little news about Cat, played by Eva Mendes.

In a Spanish interview with Variety Latino, Eva said her character (Cat) works in a nightclub (The Big Bad Wolf or BBW) and has some elements of Carmen Miranda.

Watch the Video (in Spanish)The news has been reported by Showbiz Cafè after Eva did an interview few days ago.

As I've said the interview is in Spanish and I don't speak Spanish but I suppose the only things she said was what they written.

See you later for the big announce (hopefully)

Stay Gos


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