Lost River - have you seen the new still?

Good Morning my GosAdd,
Today I've used a different image as head of the post: it's the second official still from Lost River  released yesterday. If you follow me on my socials you have already seen it.

And as the first one, Billy (Christina Hendricks) is in it but this is less distressing than the previous one. Here Billy is simply entering the door of what should be the Big Bad Wolf. 
Maybe today we will have another image or maybe the official poster.

When I search on google  there are now tons of articles about Ryan and his baby (the movie) but they all say the same things: every article is like a copy of the previous. They all report the 'recent interview taken with Iain De Caestecker/ Bones", but the recent interview is from 10 January and it was originally posted by Empire Online and I did write a post about it.
But some articles are totally wrong. 

Esaminer.com gives us fake infos. They wrote Ryan is in the movie (but he is not) and it seems like he was one who said about Lost River and what's the story is about (but we all know it was Iain who spoke too much). But they notice a thing many have ignored. Barbara Steele is in the movie. She is an English actress who was very famous in the 50s and 60s for starring in many Horror Movies. 
We know she is Belladonna, Rat's granny but in the end what will her role be in Lost River?

A good article is the one written by Steven Zeitchik and Amy Kaufman for the LA Times.
They wrote about Ryan, about his choices, about the fact he is doing indies more than commercial movies even if he became famous for The Notebook.
They asked themselves what will Ryan be as director because "for every Clint Eastwood or Ben Affleck, there are a dozen successful actors who never find their footing behind the camera" and if the fans will still follow him.

Personally I think the movie will be great as Ryan in the past had his talk in many movies (like the bathroom scene in Half Nelson, the hymn for the Renegades in The Slaughter Rule - Renegades Pride! -, the kiss in the elevator in Drive) and then because he is a very talented man.

And you? What do you think about him as director? Would you still be GosAdd?

For now, let me wish you a very Happy Easter.

Stay Gos


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