Lost River - Release date

Updated Regularly with new dates - last update 20 June 2015

Hello GosAdd,
Are you wondering when you will be able to watch Ryan's movie at the cinema? So this post could be helpful. Here you will find the release date for Lost River.

The post will be updated as soon as I get new dates.

Here we go:
CountryRelease Date
France - Cannes Film Festival
20 May 2014
Thailand 26 March 2015
Russia (confirmed by Distributor ) - See official Poster9 April 2015
Ukraine  9 April 2015
France ( confirmed by Le Pacte en association with Le Jokers)8 April 2015
Belgium (as reported on the Distributor Site)8 April 2015
Spain (as confirmed by InfoCine - open the Distributor Site)17 April 2015
USA (confirmed by WB)10 April 2015 (+Vod)
UK (confirmed by the Distributor)10 April 2015
Germany (confirmed by the German Official Page on FB)29 May 2015
Japan30 May 2015
Turkey 22 May 2015
Poland (waiting for confirmation)22 May 2015
Denmark (as reported on IMDb - not confirmed by the distributor)30 April 2015
Australia/New Zealand (as confirmed by eOneANz)17 June 2015 (Vod)
24 June 2015 (Dvd)
Brazil (title: Rio Perdido) 17 September 2015
Portugal (title: Rio Perdido) 17 September 2015

Stay Tuned and Stay Gos


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  1. Anonimo8:42 PM

    Do you have some news on the T. Malick project with Ryan? It's been 2 years since he filmed it now and we still know nothing...:-(

    1. Unfortunately no news at all for the Malick movie. We have to be very patient :-(

  2. Risposte
    1. I suppose you're from the USA. You can buy the digital download on Itunes or Amazon. or wait til 5 May when the dvd and blu ray will be released :-)