What will Ryan do?

Morning there,
The rumors are everywhere now. Who knows, maybe this project will be aborted before starting but in the meantime....
Ryan is attached to be a producer for this biopic on Busby Berkeley. As I've said in the previous post, Warner Bros has optioned the book by Jeffrey Spivak - Buzz: The life and art of BB - and it seems quite sure Ryan will be producing the movie with Marc Platt, tha produced also Drive and How to Catch a Monster with Ryan and Legally Blonde. But Platt is also famous for producing great
musicals like Wicked and for working on Disney's adaptation of the Broadway musical Into the woods (out in December).

Talking about the news, every single movie site is reporting it. I try to read as many things I can also for trying to know better who this Buzz was. Yes, I ignored who he was before the news came out.
I'm not a fan of the musicals and Busby Berkeley was famous in the 30s  and 40s. Yes, Ryan opens my eyes on new stuff. This is it! Thanks Ryan.

Empire Online writes Ryan and his collaborators are about to start meeting writers. Yes, writers. Spivak wrote the book but the book must be adapted for the big screen. James Sallis wrote Drive but the screenplay was by Hossein Amini. Often it happens the author of the book writes or help writing the screenplay (like Nicholas Sparks does). 
If  Empire is right (and as I know it's a serious mag I have no doubts) the rumor about the movie is not a rumor but a great news. Reading between the lines this could also mean that maybe How to Catch a Monster is ready (and maybe will be premiered in Cannes, my fingers are still strongly crossed and yours?) and Ryan can now spend time on new projects waiting for the promotion. He is attached as producer but as reported he could also play Buzz in the movie. Ryan has a past as a dancer and he is a singer also though Buzz was a choreograoher so maybe he won't dance all the time. He may also be the director. Personally I don't think Ryan will act and direct the movie at the same time. Oh well, this is just a feeling I have. Reading the interviews he did before disappearing he said he is not a multitasking man and he does a thing per time and gives his best on it. But if Warner wants to give him the direction, Gos, they must have been very satisfied on his work on Monster. Do you agree? And I'm sure many directors are curious about it.. Did you know Wim Wenders stayed a day on the set??? Yes, Wim Wenders!

The New York Post suggests 10 movies Ryan should watch  small clips from Gold Diggers like Pettin' in the Park and Remember My forgotten Man orThe Lady in The Tutti-frutti Hat (that is Carmen Miranda, who appeared in Gangster Squad, do you remember her? well that woman wasn't Carmen of course). These are the most outrageous works he did.  Other Berkeley's  famous work is 42nd Street.And I'm planning to watch them.

But Berkeley was first a man and maybe Ryan is more interested in this.
He had 3 trials for vehicular manslaughter. After two hung juries, Berkeley (witnessed said he smelled of alcohol) was acquitted at his third trial for driving head-on into another car, killing two people, in 1935.
He got married six times and was sued by actress Carole Landis after he withdrew his marriage proposal.

We all know Ryan doesn't like to play good guys so... Let's wait and see.

Stay Gos


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