The mistery deepens....

Good afternoon,
I'm always on the search about Ryan Gosling and his projects. I received tons of emails every day and sometimes I had interesting alert from Google.

Yesterday I had a good one, for instance.

Roger Friedman has written an article for Showbiz 411. His little biography at the end of the article says he spent began  10 years with Fox News before arriving at ShowBiz in 2009. He also writes for Parade magazine
and has written for Details, Vogue, the New York Times, Post, and Daily News and many other publications. He is the writer and co-producer of "Only the Strong Survive," a selection of the Cannes, Sundance, and Telluride Film festivals.

This make me think this is a serious journalist, right? And you still are wondering what I want to say right?? Sorry, I talk too much (and you have to be pleased English is not my first language because I could talk for hours).

Anyway, yesterday I had this article in my email box where Mr. Friedman wrote:
In Terrence Malick’s last movie, “To the Wonder,” Ben Affleck said not a word. The  movie made 12 cents and is best used as a sleep aid. Now I’m told that one of his two next films, which are somewhere near completion, is completely improvised. “Lawless,” which will need a new title since we just had a movie called “Lawless,” stars a bunch of big names.
Ryan Gosling, Rooney Mara, Michael Fassbender are three of them. It’s about — we’ll see if it’s about anything– love triangles. Gosling, Mara, and Berenice Marlohe comprise one of those triangles. Marlohe told me last night at Armani’s cocktail party for Martin Scorsese that she has no idea what the plot is since she only got 20 pages of script. This should be fun.

Bérénice Marlohe is a French actress who played Severine in Skyfall (I'm not a Bond fan but i have to say this movie was quite good.. I don't watch only Ryan's movie) and at the very beginning of November 2012  she was reported to have a role in the Untitled Project.
So far I've never found a single pic of her on the set so, maybe, she could have had only indoors scenes.
According to what Friedman wrote, she said she had 20 pages of a script but our beloved Gos said that quite all the movie was mostly improvised and that he has no script at all (and it's well known Malick never uses scripts).
But the most interesting thing Mr Friedman says  is Bérénice has a role in a triangles with Rooney and RyanBy the pictures from the set we can see: 
- Ryan with Rooney and Cate Blanchett;
- Rooney with Ryan and Michael Fassbender (and there is also a rumored threesome sex scene between them);
- Natalie Portman with Fassbender and Christian Bale (who said he will be surely cut out as he shot just 3/4 days).

But there is still nothing with Bérénice. So maybe there could  be more than two intersecting love triangles as reported from the IMDb site. 

Unfortunately we can't ask Malick as he is a very reserved man (maybe too much reserved). All we can do is hoping what  his assistant, AJ Edwards,  said it's true: Knight of Cup to be premiered in Cannes (and I know he tried to enter the movie  in competition) and the Untitled to be in the Late Summer festivals (Venice or Toronto).

That's all.
Have a good Sunday and Stay Gos.


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  1. Anonimo6:11 PM

    Berenice Marlohe was seen at fun fun fun fest with Mara, Fassbender and Kilmer. She was seen by people making out with Mara. But no pics with Ryan...
    Here are some pics of her:

    I hope it will be ready this year. If the two movies are connected, it makes sense that there are just a few months between the two releases, like the movie Nymphomaniac for example.

    1. Thanks. The pics are new to me. I knew Val Kilmer was seen at the Fun Fun Festival. He also cut off his hair.
      I do think the movies are connected (Portman + Bale and Blanchett are also in KoC). And I'm positive they will be both premiered this year.

  2. Anonimo4:27 PM

    I have doubts now that Knight of Cups will go to Cannes, so the Untitled may be delayed to next year :( Unless they are both shown at the same festival which I don't think can happen.
    The guy who tweeted KoC would be at Cannes is now saying he hopes it's there but in fact he doesn't know nothing and listen to people who no nothing neither... Still, I don't see why it won't be ready for Cannes because it's been a long time since he started post-prod on it so I hope it's going there, so that there's a chance the Untitled is selected for september festivals...

    1. I can assure you Malick has tried to enter KoC at Cannes.. I don't know if the movie then was selected. And I think he will try to enter the Untitled at Toronto where Ryan could promote it with his htcam... as I'm quite sure Ryan will premiered in his hometown.

  3. Anonimo5:35 PM

    Well if Malick tried, it will be there then, because Thierry Fremaux (who makes the selection for Cannes) loves Malick and he will never say no to him, especially with the cast this movie has (Bale, Portman...)...
    Can I ask you how you know this? Is it someone who told you? Does it mean Malick showed the movie to Fremaux already?

    1. I can't tell you my source but it's a person who is involved in movie stuff :-) Cannes selections are already opened up... Maybe just closed also.

  4. Anonimo10:02 PM

    Malick is apparently in L.A. right now, which means he may be approaching the end of post-production, at least on KoC.

    1. Or maybe that one is ready now..... We can think about it over and over again but I think we are going nowhere. Only Malick knows what he is doing. I'm just hoping the infos I've been told are right. And I have no reason to think they're not.

  5. Anonimo1:22 PM

    the Cannes selection is announced on april 17th in Paris, so not so long to wait now to finally know...