Ryan Gosling and Poutine.

Hello GosAdd,
here I am. Just an easy talk today.

The Gallery is in its making; the Photoshoots are quite all uploaded and then I will start with the Events... Be patient! It's taking me much time because I'm searching for the photographers - for giving them the credits - and I've had to contact few of them for being sure about the copyright. Hope you will like the work once it is ended.

There are still no news about Ryan (who could be everywhere in the world but in my mind he is Los Angeles working and working and working... Gos, he is a workalcoholic!) and no news about How To Catch a Monster (for many movie sites the movie could be at Cannes... we'll see!).

So, why this post?? Yesterday, while searching for the photographers I've found an article appeared on the USA Today  in 2011 and I've decided to open a post, just so we can have a talk about his tastes....

Tastes???? Yes tastes because the journalist (Susan Wloszczyna) asked Ryan "what kind of native food do you crave when you are back up north?".

And he named 4 Canadian stuff. Are you curious??? Keep on reading then


Before 1990s it was "Mr. Submarine" and now it's simply Mr Sub and it's a chain of 317 sandwiches shops. The very first one born in Yorkville, Canada, in 1968.
Check the official site of Mr. Sub and guess what is Ryan's fave sandwich.




and what can I say about these 2? They're just chips. Who doens't like  chips?

And now the last one.. A  typical Canadian dish, that's sure.


When Ryan said Poutine, the journalist said Pou-what?
And  Ryan told her:
"Poutine. French fries, gravy and cheese curd. We've got squeaky cheese here. Squeaky cheese that they make in Montreal. When you eat, it's really squeaky and salty. They sell it in gas stations."

The dish originated in rural Quebec (Canada), in the late 1950s but the origin of the name is still uncertain.

Honestly I'd like to taste it and not because it's Ryan's fave food but because I do love French Fries.

Would you like to try and cook it? Try this recipe I've found. This food blogger says it's the original one and it will take you about a hour.
So if Ryan should ever come over you, you can offer him the best Poutine!

Have a good lunch (I'm soooooooooo hungry now!!!!).

Stay Gos



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