Ryan Gosling: When an actor is passion

Hello GosAdd,
Earlier this week I was contacted by a journalist who writes for an Italian movie blog (Cineblog.it) that I follow on facebook and I like a lot.
At first I thought she wrong. Yes, surely she had to write to another admin but No. She wanted Me. She told me she wanted to write an article obout my facebook page because I have a good number of followers (or GosAddicted as I always say).

I had no doubt and I answered YES, please. Maybe for you can sound stupid but to me it's like a dream. I mean.. A serious blog has noticed my small page. It's a great personal score. So Carla (this is her name) made her interview and the article has appeared on the site this afternoon. Of course it's in Italian. And so, here I try to translate it in English for you to read it. 

Enjoy it and let me know.

------ RYAN GOSLING ADDICTED: When an actor is passion -------

8464. As I'm writing this is the numbers of Likes on Ryan Gosling Addicted Facebook page. I must admit I was very impressed by this page because it's very active and it has not only photos of the actor.  I contacted the Admin and we had a nice talk. This is it.

Why a page on Ryan Gosling? What's so different from other actors?
The first movie I've watched was The Ides Of March back in June 2012, for a friend of mine who likes George Clooney. I didn't know who Ryan was before. But while I was watching it  I was more and more fascinated by that young and charismatic actor. By chance, few days later, I watched The Notebook and, even if it is not my fave movie (with Ryan) my first impression increased. I started searching for infos about him, about his old movies and future projects. But I could find quite only pictures. So, I decided to have my own page where I would have posted everything about him: from his charity works to his movies, his music. Sure, searching is not so easy but luckily I could find what I was  searching for. And I see my GosAdd like it. What's different with him... I can talk for myself: he is talented, he has charisma and he knows how to get to the heart of the viewer. I'm not a girlie (I'm in my 30s) and so far no other actor had this effect on me. When I watch a movie with him I feel what his character is feeling and every time is like the first time, it's always a new experience, Ryan has opened to me a new world with his indies and his acting. 

What are the arguments on the page?
On my page (born as Italian but now bilingual because many of my followers are from all over the world) I try to have some good talk: I post pictures (always a good choice) but also interviews - written and video -, clip from his movies, live videos of his band (Dead Man's Bones)  and I try to update the page in real time about his current projects, that is his first movie as director 'How to catch a Monster ' and the one shot with Terrence Malick. I also make some quizzes to check how much my followers know about him. 

What is the most quoted movie of Ryan on the page?
Ryan became "famous" for his role in Drive that is now a Cult.. So Drive is surely one of the most quoted. But also The notebook, The Place Beyond The Pines and Blue Valentine, ignored in Italy, are very quoted.

And what is your favorite movie?
This is really a hard question to answer. I'd say quite impossible for me. I have not a favorite movie. I have three! Drive, Only God Forgives (I fell in love with it immediately) and The Believer. 

And, in your opinion, what is the worst one?
I have no doubt about this. Gangster Squad. Ryan acted in few box office movies. the Notebook, Crazy Stupid Love (that is a pearl) and Gangster Squad that, sorry to say this, did not match the expectations. Not for Ryan's fault. In the end, he and Josh Brolin did a good job. But the movie, based on a true (dramatic) story, was compared to The untouchables but it was more like a cartoon, quite ridicolous.

Ryan got a nomination for the Academy in 2007 as Best Actor for Half Nelson. Forest Whitaker won for The Last King Of Scotland. In your opinion, did Ryan deserve the prize? Have you ever discussed about this on the page?
Half Nelson is an amazing movie. I don't know if Ryan deserved to win for being Dan Dunne as I haven't watched very well The last king of Scotland But, at least, he deserved a nomination for Blue Valentine that didn't arrive. Ryan is not a bankable actor, as they say in Hollywood. He is like Di Caprio. He had his nomination. That's enough. Honestly, I do think a statue doesn't measure the skill of an actor.

"Only God Forgives" has received many mixed reviews. Have you discussed about it on the page? How did the fans react?
I am one of those who see Only God  Forgives as a masterpiece and since the teaser trailer was released  I tried to talk about it and let my fans talk about it. It's one of those movies that gets inside you, hard to explain. Unfortunately Cannes (with the whistles of the journalists in the room, few but enough) gave a blow to the film that here in Italy achieved a ridiculous result. My GosAdd are divided: some love it, some hate it. There are even few of them who have not seen it because scared by Ryan's beaten look or because they see it too violent (which is not true for me because, for example, John Rambo is much more violent). Others have tried to see it a second time (which I recommend) and their initial idea has changed dramatically for the better of course. It's a very slow, quiet, introspective movie. Let's not forget that the director - Nicolas Winding Refn - wrote it in a dark time of his life and his intention was not to get applause but to express himself.

I do thank you Ale for the interview and for her kindness.

------ The End ------
That's all my GosAdd.
Thanks for your time, for reading me, for following  my page and for supporting me. I love you all.
Stay Gos


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  1. Great interview. Very articulated and accurate. So proud of your job!!! Xxx

  2. Great interview. Very articulated and accurate. So proud of your job!!! Xxx

  3. Congratulations on getting an interview; that's so cool! You deserve to be recognized for all of the great Ryan updates you give everyone. :)