Only God Forgives in Japanese stores

Good morning,
A little news for my Japanese GosAddicted.

Last January (on 25) the movie was released in Jaoanes theatres and for what I could understand it had also good reviews. Nicolas Winding Refn was also there for a little promotion and there was also a little competition with 5 Tees (signed by the director himself). I wish I could have one but hey... I'm
not living in Japan.

And this morning the new is the movie will be released on dvd and blu ray in 14 May 2014. We have already the cover and you can order it online on

ONLY GOD FORGIVES Out in Japan soon

Have a happy week-end.

Stay Gos.


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  1. Anonimo11:36 AM

    finally! it has GOOD reviews. OGF is one of my favourite movies...yeah, no joking!

    1. I do think the same. OGF is my #1 along with Drive and The Believer. Are you Japanese? The movie has had good reviews there right?

  2. Anonimo6:19 PM

    Just so that you know, the word "news" always has a "s" whether it's one news or several news:-)

  3. Anonimo11:28 AM

    no, I`m german but my friend lives there. Wow we have exactly the same taste, OGF, Driver and the believer are my absolute fav movies, too ;) but its hard to decide which one is the #1

    1. Infact I can't choose between them :-) they're at my #1 GS at #3 and all the others are #2 :-)

  4. Anonimo11:32 AM

    oops I mean Drive not Driver xD