Finally! Eva Mendes talks about the movie and Ryan (as director).

Here I am again.

There is another news around today.
Eva Mendes finally speaks. About How To Catch a Monster and about Ryan.

Eva attended her New York & Co. pop-up shop event at The Beverly Center in Los Angeles this Tuesday and she was asked about the movie:
"It's basically a dark fairy tale, and I play a woman named Cat"

And we already know this, dear Eva. She added "Yeah, it's a beautiful, beautiful film"

And for the first time in months, she says a little about Ryan (as director...)
"He really created the most beautiful, collaborative, creative atmosphere on set. I know I'm biased.
He's the best. He's the best."  

We know Eva you're biased (and let me're also blessed). We are too (biased I mean... we are just blessed for we appreciate him as actor as first. We can only dream about meeting him once in this life). Anyway, you are in a very good company, girl.

You can watch the video on E!Online (if you're living in US, UK, Australia and Canada you won't have troubles. If you're Italian or from other Countries you have to go on the E, then scroll down to the end of the page. On the left corner of the screen you will see a flag: change it into the US flag,  then research for Eva Mendes and finally you can watch the video).

I want to add a thing GosAdd.. Don't believe to those bad gossips about their break-up. Eva and Ryan are still a couple and they are in love for real.

Stay Gos


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