Another Round: The monster is going to Tiff, I fear!

Here we are again GosAdd talking about How to catch a monster and the question is always the same.

When will this movie be released?????

Once per week I go and check if there are some news on the IMDb site. Last time I've visited it there were 2 possible dates : 19 June in the Netherland and 2 October in Denmark (see the pic here on the side):

I wrote to the Danish distributor who told me the date was not true as so far there is no release date for the movie.
But NOW the Netherlands' date has changed: 30 October 2014.

The first one was surely an indicative one but now?! I'm not so sure it's just an indicative one again.

So GosAdd, I'm starting thinking the movie is not yet ready and Ryan couldn't enter the Cannes selection and the movie is going to be premiered in Toronto at Tiff earlier this September.

I think Ryan will show How to Catch a Monster at his home.

What do you think?? Do you agree with me?

The key word is: PATIENCE! once again!! Patience!! I hate this word!

Stay Gos


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  1. I'm getting so anxious to see this film! I really hope it's released before October!!
    I do agree that it might premiere at TIFF.

    1. I just hope it will release asap. I'm so anxious too and October is still so far :-(