A Musical? No, it's a drama.

Hey GosAdd,
I think there is something unclear for many of you regarding this project..

This project is NOT A RUMOR.  Ryan and Marc Platt are producing this movie and Platt is already searching for a writer. In few weeks we could know something more.

And today on the IMDB site the movie is as in development
The project is a newborn and it could be deleted anytime (though I don't think it will happen) and the process is very long.
Ryan is producer, he could play also Buzz (just my opinion) but he won't  direct. Not so soon after making How to catch a monster (I repeat once again: Ryan himself said he couldn't do both. He couldn't handle it and knowing how much Ryan prepares himself for a movie.... Being director and actor is too much also for a workalcoholic as he is)

And ... The movie is NOT A MUSICAL. I can't understand why everyone claims it. At first I thought the same but .. Gos, it's a biopic!!!  The life of a man. Sure  there will be some musical and dance moments as Busby Berkeley was a choreograoher but it's a drama.

That's all.

Stay Gos


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