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Ryan Gosling as Hercules
Dean O'Gorman as Iolaus
Chris Conrad as Jason
Kevin Tod Smith as Ares
Jodie Rimmer as Lilith
Nathaniel Lees as Cheiron

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Young Hercules was born as spin-off of Hercules, The Legendary Journeys and it was entirely shot between 1998 and 1999 in New Zealand. Aired by Fox Kids, the main role was given to our Ryan.
The Tv show lasted only a year for an amount of 50 episodes.

Plot (from wikipedia):
The show features the efforts of Ares, the god of war, played by Kevin Tod Smith (1963-2002), who attempts often to destroy his younger half-brother to win over Zeus' good graces. Among his group is his nephew Strife, who is the rather weaker member of the team. Strife's mother is Discord, goddess of retribution , who acts more level-headed and power hungry than her counterpart on more than one occasion. The series has other two villains: Hera, queen of the gods and Hercules's stepmother; and Apollo, god of the sun and Hercules's half-brother.
The storyline follows Hercules  as he attends Cheiron's Academy to train in the arts of the warrior under the wise headmaster Cheiron the Centaur . He makes friends with the future king of Corinth Prince Jason and a thieving former member of a bandit group named Iolaus, who was sentenced to train at the academy as an alternative to prison for his crimes. Hercules also meets the academy's first female cadet, Lilith. Other characters of interest include Kora, the inn keeper who unknown to Hercules and his friends is a devotee of Artemis: Goddess of the Hunt. As the series develops, Kora is revealed to have special powers which allow her to do Artemis' bidding. There are hints of romance between Hercules and Kora, although their friendship keeps it all innocent.

The serie was shot entirely in New Zealand and had a budget of about $ 20 milions. At the beginning, Ian Bolen was Hercules (he starred in the  pilot movie and appeared as Young Hercules in Hercules, The legendary journeys in the flash-backs) but he didn't want to move Down Under so the part was then given to Ryan.

So, Ryan moved to New Zealand and to play as a Half-God. During the Gangster Squad Promotion, Jake Hamilton asked Ryan what was he proud of and he answered Young Hercules.

You can watch in the video here what he said:

 "I had a fake tan, leather pants. I was fighting imaginary monsters -- they weren't really there, but I was acting like they were there." 

Well, our Ryan was very funny during GS promotion and he is quite often so we won't never know if he was joking or what....

 Anyway, after making Young Hercules he decided his experience on TV was over. He wanted to be a movie actor.

During the making of Young Hercules, Ryan had to do also a lot of body training and he worked with the same Kung Fu trainer as Kevin Sorbo (Hercules) and Lucy Lawless (Xena).

Here it's an interview from the period:

Have you ever watched Young Hercules?
Searching on google I've found  this streaming site that it is working (after clicking the episode you want to watch you have to search for a gorillavid link).  You can also watch small clips from the serie on You Tube.


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