TV: Ready or Not

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Ryan as Matt Kalinsky
Laura Bertram as Amanda Zimm
Lani Billard as Elizabeth "Busy" Maria Teresa Carlita Ramone
Gail Kerbel as Phyllis Zimm
John Lefebvre as Leonard Zimm
Diana Reis as Lucy Ramone
Gerry Mendicino as Sam Ramone
Joseph Griffin as Manny Ramone
Fab Filippo as Dominick "Dom" Ramone
                                                          Noah Plener as Frankie Ramone 

Ready or Not is a Canadian teen drama series which aired on the Showtime Movie Channel
(1993–1997) and later on The Disney Channel (April 4, 1996 – 2000) and Global Television Network for 5 seasons and 65 episodes between 1993 and 1997 in both Canada and the United States.

Ryan plays in the 5th episode of the Season 4 "I do, I don't" as Matt Kalinsky.

Watch the Episode -- Part 1 -- Part 2

Ryan as Matt Kalinksy
(Part II)


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