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Ryan as Greg Banks

RL Stine as himself


Goosebumps is a series of children's horror fiction novels by American author R. L. Stine. The stories follow child characters, who find themselves in scary situations.

Later the books were adapted for the Tv and it turns in one of the two popular television horror anthology children's series in the 1990s (the other being Are You Afraid of the Dark?).

Ryan had the role of Greg Banks in the Episode 15 "Say Cheese and Die" of Season 1.
This is the plot of the episode: Greg is having fun taking pictures with the cool instant camera he found in the Coffman's spooky, old house until he realizes that the pictures are not what he shot. Instead they portray horrible disasters involving whoever or whatever is in them. The scariest part is that the disasters start to come true! Can this camera predict the future?... Or does it actually cause bad things to happen? The only one who knows the truth is Spidey, the strange, dark man theat seems to be stalking him.

You can watch the epidosed on streaming HERE.


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