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Ryan as Sean Stanley Hanlon, the wannabe ladies' man/Nerd
Kyle Alisharan as Alex Pineda, the athlete
Teri Conn as Ashley Dupree, the Southern belle/Princess
Wendi Kenya as Cassidy Cartwright, the preppy tomboy hottie
Tyler Labine, as Jimmy M. Farrell, the lovable clown
Scott Vickaryous as Max Ballard, the son of the ship's captain
Persia White as Denise Williams, the academic overachiever/Feminist
Rachel Wilson as Tamira Goldstein, the quicky misfit/Flower Child
                                                          Anne Openshaw, as Ana Mitchell, the teacher                                                                                   Andrew Airlie, as Captain Ballard
                                                         Richard Ian Cox as Tony Gifford, the student activities
                                                         Bernard Cuffling, as Nigel Mumford, the cook.
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Breaker High is a Canadian teen comedy-drama series that ran on YTV Canada from 1997 to 1998. It
was also screened in the US on UPN

The series is set at a high school located on a cruise ship, allowing the episodes to be set in a variety of exotic locations, although the series was, in fact, filmed entirely in Burnaby (BC). The show dealt with teen issues such as dating, finances, and friendship, although the series tended to steer away from the "tougher" situations outlined in other teen dramas at the time.

The series has a total of 44 episodes. On the TV Com you can read all the summary to all the episodes and much more.

Ryan as a main role in Breaker High as Sean Stanley Hanlon. By the way his character is described…
Wannabe Ladies' man / Nerd…. Well…. It's interesting.

Breaker High has never been aired in Italy and all I know about his character is for having watched few episodes on You Tube.. He tries to be a "cool" guy but he is not good at it…

I've searched the net for the episodes but I haven't succeed. Here is the list of the episodes and you can watch just few of them (the link is near the title).

1 Sun Ahso Rises
2 Pranks for the Memories
3 Mayhem on the Orient Distress
4 Don't Get Curried Away
5 Kenya Dig It?
6 Tomb with a View
7 Radio Daze  -- Part 1 -- Part 2
8 Beware of Geeks Baring Their Gifts
9 Belly of the Beast
10 Rooming Violations
11 Chateau L'Feet J'mae
12 Out with the Old, In with the Shrew
13 Tamira is Another Day
14 For Pizza's Sake
15 Kissin' Cousins
16 The Caber Guy
17 When In Rome…
18 Silence of the Lamborghini
19 All Seeing Bull's Eye  -- Part 1 -- Part 2
20 Squall's Well that Ends Well
21 That Lip-Synching Feeling
22 Yoo Hoo, Mr. Palace Lifeguard
23 Two Seans Don't Make a Right
24 Tamira Has Two Faces  -- Part 1 -- Part 2
25 Swiss You Were Here -- Part 1 -- Part 2
26 A Funny Thing Happened on the Way to the Post Office  -- Part 1 -- Part 2
27 Some You Win, Some You Luge
28 Stowing Pains
29 Moon Over Tamira
30 He Shoots, He Scores  -- Part 1 -- Part 2
31 Jimmy Behaving Badly -- Part 1 -- Part 2
32 Regret Me Nots
33 New Kids on the Deck
34Six Degrees of Humiliation (Part 1) -- Part 1 -- Part 2
35 Don't Go Breakin' My Art (Part 2)
36 Worth Their Waste in Gold
37 The Deck's Files
38 Rasta La Vista
39 Max-He-Can Hat Dance  -- Part 1 -- Part 2
40 Kiss of the Shy-er Woman
41 Lord of the Butterflies -- Part 1 -- Part 2
42 Chile Dog
43 Heartbreaker High -- Part 1 -- Part 2
44 To Kill a Mocking Nerd
    In the video here below you can watch the opening and a small clip with a particular Ryan….



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