TV: The Adventure of Shirley Holmes

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Ryan as Sean
Meredith Henderson as Shirley Holmes
John White as Francis Boris 'Bo' Sawchuk
Sarah Ezer as Molly Hardy
Annick Obonsawin as Alicia Gianelli
Brendan Fletcher as Sterling 'Stink' Patterson

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The Adventures of Shirley Holmes is a Canadian mystery TV series that originally aired from 1997 to 2000. The show was created by Ellis Iddon and Phil Meagher and series follows the life of Shirley Holmes, the great grand-niece of Sherlock Holmes who
, with the help of ex-gang member Bo Sawchuk, tackles a variety of mysteries in and around the fictional Canadian city of Redington.

Ryan is Sean and he appeared only in the very first epidose of the serie "The case of the Burning Building: Shirley Holmes investigates a string of suspicious fires, one of which took place in a shed at her school. The police believe that Bo Sawchuk, the school's newest student, a former gang member, is responsible for the arsons, but the young detective discovers that Bo's former associates are responsible for the fires as part of an insurance scam and framing the boy for the crimes.

On You Tube you can watch a CLIP of the episode...  Enough to say Ryan was such a badass!!!!!


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