The Monster is going to Denmark. Or not?

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Few days ago I've posted a quote by Johnny Jewel [who scored the music] saying  How to catch a monster should be released in October.

And now on the IMDb site we have two release dates. We have to be careful because I do think they are just indicative and not all sure.

19 June in the Netherland
2 October in Denmark.

Now the Netherlands' date was added months ago, while the movie was still in its shooting.
But the other one is new. I mean i don't check the site every single day but  at least once per week.

Let's think about it... A date is just indicative but two?! 

The first date let us think the movie could be premiered in Cannes. In these days the Commission is selecting the movies to be at the Festival next May and for what I've been told the French guys would like the movie after the facts happened last year (do you remember what happened? Ryans is coming.. No he is not.. An official statement was sent to the journalists saying Ryan was yet on the plane and he would have been there for the Only God Forgives premiere). Ryan was shooting the movie and he couldn't take the plane!! Anyway, the movie could be in the "Un certain regard' selection this year. Of course if the movie is yet ready.

The second date let us think the movie could be also at the Toronto International Film Festival. And the thing has a reason as Ryan is Canadian and he could want his movie to be premiered at home. And then the movie could be released worldwide. Or, maybe, the movie could be out of the competition and have only the screening  at TIFF.

Anyway, taking a movie at 2 different festivals has a cost. You have to promote the same movie twice. And Ryan had a low budget from the very beginning ( Warner Bros has just bought the rights but no money from it)...

Once again, we need to be patience.

Stay Gos


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