Terrence Malick could release 2 movies this year....

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I've just known a small new about the movie.

A reader of the blog told me today in Berlin took place the press conference for The Better Angel, movie directed by AJ Edwards, who is a kind of protege of misterious Terrence Malick (and Malick himself produced the movie).

During the press conference he said few interesting things about  Malick and his two projects and that they will be released this year.
This is what he said:
“Terrence Malick was always a phone call away. He was shooting his two pictures at the time [while Edwards was shooting his The Better Angels, nda] that’ll be released this year.

So, we come back to the theory that Knight of Cup could be premiered in Cannes (the movie is listing) while the Untitled could be taken to Venice or Toronto.
But this doesn't mean the Untitled could reach our cinemas by the end of the year.
As The Film Stage writes "considering the current lack of distribution, we have to glean that he means they are ready to premiere at a festival, rather than see an actual release, but this is fantastic news. When it comes to the work of Malick, one never quite knows when they’ll see the light of day, but we’re glad our wishful thinking that they’ll initially premiere this year will come true"

As soon as I know more, I will post.

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Edit: 12 February 2014
The Film Stage Article


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  1. Anonimo8:25 PM

    This article confirms it. ALso it's true that those movies may premiere at festivals this year, but because of the lack of distributor at the moment, they may not both be released theatrically this year:

    1. Yes i've read it but maybe we could know a little more about the Untitiled. Maybe the trailer few clips and posters. This situation is driving me mad. Besides i know malick doesn't do the promotion himself but leave all the charge on the actors :-(

  2. Anonimo10:55 AM

    When To the wonder premiered in Venice, they didn't release nothing, not even a clip, and journalists complained about the lack of material to put in their articles ( there was just one poor bad pic released 2 years before). The trailer was released litterally 3 months 1/2 after it premiered. Malick and his team they don't care for those things. They do as they want. But I hope they do differently this time...

    1. I'm afraid about this!! For Knight of Cups there is just a picture but there is nothing about the Untitled, unless those shots taken on the set and a brief video with Ryan and Rooney dancing on the car in the dark. I know Malick doesn't do promotion and I'm afraid I could know nothing about this movie til it was released in cinemas