Solo: Singing in his movies


Last but not lease, how can we forget Ryan singing in Blue Valentine and The Place Beyond the Pines?

In Blue Valentine Ryan had to sing goofy to Cindy with his ukulele You Always Hurt The One You Love, a song from 1959 written by Allan Roberts:

But in The Place Beyond the Pines Ryan did sing in Spanish! When the tracklist from the movie was announced I’ve read Borriquito performed by Ryan Gosling and I’ve started googled for knowing more. The song was written and sang by Peret in 1971 and the title is not a proper Spanish but more Catalan and means “little donkey” or “dunce”. While promoting Gangster Squad, as usually happens, Ryan was asked about his upcoming movies (Pines) and he started singing…..
And this is what we all could watch and listening to during the movie:

So…. is there anything Ryan can't do????


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