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Another song we can listen to is Helpless, written and sung by another great Canadian: Neil Young.

The  video for the live song has been uploaded on You Tube by Rick Clark - on the stage with Ryan - on 14th June 2013.

We have no infos about when and where the video has been taken. I've written to Rich but he never answered back (oh, well, I commented the video on You Tube and maybe he didn't notice it at all).
By watching the video, we now know 3 things:
1 - The song, like I've said before, is a cover of Helpless by Neil Young;
2 - Ryan played the guitar yet in old times;
3 - The video was taken surely between  1999 and mid 2000.

And you could ask me: how can you say the period?

It’s an easy question to answer. Just look at Ryan’s hair. You can understand the year of a pic or of a video by it!
 In this video Ryan looks young and he has “long” hair. Then, let’s analyze few facts:
- Young Hercules was shoot between1998-1999 and he used to have a fake tan (and leather pants) and quite long hair.
-  In 2000 Remember the Titans was released (so it had been shot between 1999 and 2000) and Ryan did still have quite long hair.
-  In 2001 we had The Believer (shot in 2000 as it won the Grand Jury Prize at Sundance in January 2001) and Ryan totally shaved his hair.

 So look now at the pics down below and say the period you think the video has been taken (maybe, by writing me a comment, thanks).

Guess the time and let me know, thanks
But this is not the end. There is even more than this. Keep reading the next posts.


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